Top30 Users with the most posts

D*mn i am getting too close to 3000. Time to delete some ..

I’m only 4353 posts away from reaching 5000.

I may be far away from 3000 posts, but I joined BLF long before any of you three!

It’s not clear though which one of those guys has more posts on the various Rugby player forums.

5th place and I haven't even been here a year yet. :D

the page is apparently a manually edited list and not an automatically generated list.. i am still quite away from 3000. hehe

It’s roughly 15 or 16 posts per day, which is only troubling if you’re just as active on 10 other forums :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m only on like 4 or 5 posts a day I think. But I’m pretty sure my ratio is improving :wink:

EDIT: Oh, and I tend to edit a lot when I think of something new to say. Case in point.

Im only that active on BLF. ;) hower it lists me as 3616 posts but I only have around 3400... Oh well give me a week or two. :D

< - My top 90 most worthwhile posts.

It lists me with 138 more posts than the count displayed. I doubt I’ve deleted that many over the last 33 months. Maybe it includes the PM count?

Gee, I wonder why that is. Especially for a guy that doesn’t say what’s on his mind. LOL!

Come on now, you gotta admit that was a good one!

And that's why I voted scaru "most likely to respond to a post" (perhaps it should be "most likely to be the 1st response to a post").


That list reads high for everyone on it. Not sure who compiles it but they're a bit off. I am shocked at how quickly our official greeter, "FishinFool" is climbing in the post count. Wow!

Other forums I've been on have an accurate listing of top user post counts that is generated automatically as well as each users average daily post count. Would be great if we had that here too.

WOOT it looks like I am 79 and climbing!!!

Maybe it counts edits as post, maybe not I would have like 6000+ if that was true. :~

I’m totally gonna take you on the next corner apt323.

I thought our official greeter was raccoon city???


hey i’m in there! lol

Well I guess its time to get busy then! Watch out might have to put you in the wall!

He has taken that spot lately but for the longest time it was fishinfool. :stuck_out_tongue: