Nice enough on paper. I like the emphasis on long runtime. But unfortunately it will be too expensive and outdated soon, as there will soon come new and even better LEDs. There is still plenty of room for improvements in LED technology. Most of the electricity still becomes waste heat, that in turn reduce the efficiency of the LED. The sale lifetime of a LED technology is perhaps a year? After that there is a new LED that takes over the market. Now we have XM-L2 U3 and XP-G R5. How many months until that is outdated and considered uninteresting?

Perhaps a modular flashlight, so you can update or switch batterypack, driver and LED independent of each other. Or perhaps replace the batterypack with cords to 12 volts or even plug in to AC in the wall. And switch the LED with reflector with a diffuser. Like a flashlight Lego.

I created a thread just a little before you

in my opinion, the choice of a low current driver and the price will deserve them.

Looks like a fun project, but it also looks like it was already one-upped by the Convoy S3 or M2 more than a year ago. It’s about the same size as a M2… but has fewer options, shorter run time, far less output, and a much higher price. It’s cool that they’re building pretty much everything except the LED from scratch, but better lights (or parts to make better lights) are widely available.

“a three year project”………this light could be built in one weekend

“140 lumens, highest brightness in the U.S.”………….this was was good idea when maglites were the only lights around