I have been using DQG Tiny 18651 4th for several years.
It has a TIR optic, on / off short press, neutral white option and is the smallest 18650 flashlight.
I use it as an EDC and keep it with me every day.

Convoy S2+ with Biscotti and 7135×4 driver. Set it to mode group 8 and you’ll have your 300lm mode for sure. You can choose your emitter’s color temperature and TIR optic angle on purchase, just message Simon (the man behind Convoy) about it on AliExpress.

The only conceivable “problem” I see with your request is that it doesn’t have momentary on.



I have the DQG as well. Mighty fine light, one of my favorites. The Armytek C2 is really nice as well. The C2 comes in like three versions. Tail clicky only(Partner), side switch only(Prime) and dual tail clicky side switch (Pro) versions. I think I have that right. The partner is just the tail clicky one. The C1 is nice and small if you don’t need the extra run time of the 18650.

A S2+ with 2×7135 or 3×7135 will put you at about the right lumenage. Easy to swap the reflector with a nice pebbled 20mm TIR lens. Pricey, but Simon probably still has a few smooth (as in zero knurling) Cu hosts.

Not sure if he can swap in a forward-clicky switch to get you momentary-on, but it’s worth a shot to ask.

You probably won’t want a reflector, either SMO or OP, unless you’re okay with a fried-egg beam (yellow hotspot, blue spill). Just sayin’…

I have an S2+ with smooth reflector and a Nichia 219c. No fried egg, and believe me, I looked for it.


300 Lumen is what you approximately get with a Nanjg AK47 driver (probably a little more than 300 Lumen because under-driven LEDs work more efficiently).

It has 3x AMC 7135 (current regulating chip, 350mA eah, so 3x 350mA = 1050mA = 1.05 Ampere) and you can preset them to 2 or 3 modes

(or 1 mode or the default 5 modes which includes strobe and SOS).


If i were you i would buy a Convoy C2+ from Simon’s Convoy store on ALiExpress, with an SST-20 LED of 4000K color temperature (warmish neutral) and

high CRI (nice light with enough red in its spectrum so wood and skin tones don’t look green), place the order but send him a request to put a 30°

TIR optic (which he has in stock) in it, and a Nanjg AK47 driver set to 2 or 3 modes before you pay.

He will contact you and if he agrees to do it (which he probably will) then you pay the order.

Well, i guess opinions vary…
I rather dislike the 219C in a reflector, even in an orange peel reflector, because of the warm greenish corona.
But with small reflectors it’s not as bad as with a C8 reflector.
But i really like TIR optics, despite the usual lack of throw with a TIR.

Me personally, I find at least a 60° TIR lens more useful. Wider, and they can get ringy.

I’d even stick with the 4C if you’re not (yet) a CRI snob, as that behind a TIR lens gives a beautiful warm-sunlight beam. No greening as with the SSTs.

Cu = copper, heavier and pricier, but zero knurling.

“Fried egg beam” means that the central hotspot is yellower while the peripheral spill is bluer. Most LEDs have at least some amount of angular tint-shift, where straight out light (spill) is bluer while off-angle light (hits the reflector so gets focused into the hotspot) is yellower.

Reflectors will always be hotspot + spill. TIR lenses have a much more even beam. Aspheric lenses (“zoomies” set to wide-angle) are way wider-angle but have a perfectly smooooooth and even blanket of light.

Oh, they’re greenish? (the 4000K 95CRI ones) :frowning:
Worse than Nichia 219C and / or Samsung LH351D ? (I find the 219C 4000K very nice though)
I’ve got some 3000K SST-20 and they’re not greenish at all.
But if you mean they’re greener than Cree, 4C tint bin even, that would be pretty bad…



Here, googled for you: flashlight beam protractor (and chose image search)

If you want a little over 300 Lumen, you want an Nanjg AK47 driver, which has 3 pieces of AMC7135 on it.
I like the mode spacing it has too.

Simon Mao, the owner of Convoy flashlights, has his store on AliExpress.
He also has an account here on BLF, so you could send him a PM.

Maybe he still has some Nichia 219C LEDs too, which is a nice LED.



The total angle is how it’s specified.
So in the picture the spill is 80° and the beam looks like it’s 20°, but the spill comes directly from the LED, behaving more or less like a point source, shining through the opening of the bezel, but the beam comes from the reflector, which is a light wave front as wide as the reflector, so it would be like 10°
A TIR is like a normal reflector but with a tiny lens in the middle that focuses what would otherwise be the spill.
This eliminates the difference in color temperature between the middle and the perimeter of the bundle of light.
There is still some spill with a TIR, but much less than with a normal reflector.
Led Lenser TIR optics for example are quite good at tightly focussing what would normally be beam and spill, into 1 beam.
The lens in the middle is therefore relatively large compared to more common TIR optics.