Hang in there, Dennis!

That's terrible news...

We hope he will be okay!

2020 is ruthless. I believe that everything will end well.
Get well soon!

Hang tough my friend!

Oh no. Just after he recovered from Covid-19. Is it related to Covid or unrelated? I really hope he gets well soon and a full recovery!

So sad to hear that, wishing him a speedy recovery.

Best wishes to DBSAR. Our thoughts and hopes are with you and him.

All the best, I hope he recovers fully soon

Get well soon

Best wishes DBSAR. I hope you get well soon.

The speedy recovery! I believe everything will be fine.

Nothing but bad news this year. :O :-(

Best wishes and a speedy recovery for you, Dennis. Keep fighting!

I hope you get well soon.

This is terrible news, of course. But thanks for letting us know.
I will include him and his family in my prayers today.

Get well soon, DBSAR! We look forward to your return.

Sad to hear this, hope he gets well.

We miss your not being here, we hope to see you soon!

Hang in there DBSAR.

Sad to hear these news :frowning:
I hope Den recovers fast!
Hang in there friends :+1: