A properly designed Sipik SK68
I love the shape of Sipik SK68 but was always disappointed in the build quality.
Always wanted a Sipik SK68 that I can mod to my needs like how convoy S2+ is

You’ve heard of pencil beams; now we have pencil flashlight.

Already got one, a 1-mode 1.4A ’502B. Considering whipping up one with a ’351D or 219B.

Best damned tailcap around… no ugly-ass U-shaped cutouts anywhere to be found.

Makes a great all-around Generic Flashlight. Not too dim, not too bright, great runtime, low-stress light that can eat laptop-pulls, decent beam with an OP reflector… what’s not to love?

You wishful quality sk68 guys, ya’ll want a Nitecore extreme infinity. You’re welcome (it’s the light the sk68 is supposed to be a copy of).

Reminds me a lot of the tail on my Jaxman M8, which I’ve always preferred to the cutout-style on my other lights. It’s basically the same but happens to have holes for a lanyard.

The Manker T02, I`v got one already and love it, but they get so much hate! LOL

Had to look up that one, as I never heard of it.

Interesting, looks kinda like a shrunk-down Nitecore EC4-series light (eg, EC4GT), only they’re over’n’under.

"Lights you want that no else would probably want"

That would be a small light, such as EC03, with multiple SBT90.2. I promise to not run turbo/high modes for more than one second, that would be enough to make life real good until the light cools down and it is time to do it again.

And how about MF05/MT90 with three or four deep, large, non-overlapping smooth reflector wells.

I really want these lights. No one else has said peep about these.

I’d like a 10180 zoomie.

And lightweight hot rods that overheat in 5 seconds.
Fast overheating is not a goal - but I’d like to have as much power as possible in as lightweight host. And 5 seconds is enough to have a quick look around.

Rather than increase power I’d like to reduce the heatsink size and (more importantly) weight.

How about a ‘anti-flashlight’ that makes things dark so you can test out your flashlights during the day time?

But that’s not a zoomie

what i want that no one else wants i already have.

That thing could double as a self defense club…or a lightsaber!

An Olight with a warm, high-CRI emitter, :wink:

A compact EDC like an M1 or S2+ with an XHP50.2 3v.

And the content of the comment is painfully generic to go with any flashlight review. Little does the bot know that it makes absolutely no sense in this thread.

Woah, talk about making an entrance. I was referring to the seemingly long length of the flashlight at the beginning of the thread. If my signature is a problem I will happily change it.

That’d be a AAA light, so more like one of those gag pencils you’d get at a carnival.

Or a Big Gulp straw…

Keep in mind, though, that often when someone has a single post with a website in the sig, it’s usually some spamcrap, like buytermpapersonline.com, freegames.com, etc., so people (myself included) are pretty touchy about it, and pretty quick on the trigger-finger.

A 7D Maglite is a good light to carry if you’re going to go clubbin’.