What has been seen cannot be unseen

If we keep simplifying these emojis, pretty soon they’ll just be blank space.

I’ve been waiting for the invisible ano to come out for forever. Is there a group-buy cause it looks amazing. You literally can’t even see it.

@Freeme- you make a very good point!

Very true Freeme, we really appreciate your transparency.

The emperor’s ano?

If the money is for nothin’
can we at least have the chicks for free.

An even better name for it.

There's a pad for that.


How many flashlights do we have to order to free freeme? :c

Hopefully this is a placeholder for SOMETHING REALLY GOOD coming in the future.

Good question...

Get this blindfold off me!
I’ve forgotten my safe word!

Freeme offered the 900000000000000000 lm flashlight, but the police brought him down.

Just one more


Maybe it’s a commentary on the futility of seeking meaning in life, you know, like one of those post-modern art exhibits that’s just a typewriter covered in cottage cheese or something.

Maybe there’s an interpretative dance that goes with it. I bet it’s spectacular.


I'll take it !

Invisible paypal sent