Torch in the Washing Machine

I was ironing a pair of trousers when I suddenly hit an obstacle. Long, cylindrical... oh shit! Checking the pocket confirmed that I had forgotten to remove my EDC before putting them in the laundry.

"Well, " I thought, "that's it. Good bye, old friend. If it was only for the water, you'd have had a chance, but being repeatedly spun at 1400 rpm will surely have killed you."

On further inspection, I found the battery compartment to be bone dry, and there was only a little hint of moisture on the front lens. So, against all reason, I switched it on and it worked flawlessly. It was as if nothing had happened.

"So", I hear you asking, "what kind of torch is so rugged? Surely, it can only be the mighty SureFire. After all, you get what you pay for!"

Well, here it is:

My trusty (no pun intended) TrustFire F20. Apart from the bit of moisture in the head, I could never have told that anything had happened to it. And to be completely fair, even that is probably my own fault, as I had replaced the original O-ring with a thinner GITD one.

Did it go through the dryer too? My Hugsby P31 EDC is pretty dirty, maybe I'll wash it.

It doesn't look like it was damage at all by its ordeal :)

I take my torches with me sometimes when I shower, im pretty sure most of mine are quite waterproof if they had to be, however some are only waterproofed deeper within the torch, therefore might have a tendency to retain some water for a couple hours/days after getting wet in places such as under bezels and between parts.

okwchin - (laughing) Part of the Foy testing protocol includes a shower with Foy but I have to admit, Tido's test takes it to whole 'nother level! Wonder how my 980L would survive such an experience.


You guys are showering with your lights? That is disturbing, somehow! ;-)

Stuff happens!

Lights in the shower are the least of it.

See swamping or the Grand Slam. Worse stuff can always happen.


LMAO! True that!

Black Cat washed with 60 Degrees Celsius and after that went to the dryer .so what? also my little 22000mcd keychain washed and dried

both with no problem and they were wet inside after washing .

OMG. I nearly grand slammed. Still can't stop laugnhing. Thjen again. I'm drunk as ****. Had a friend come in and watch the Champions League final (football, the real one, not the american version). Started by some Beewr and FIFA 11 on PS3. Then some BBQ, sauna, more beer, some booze, the match etc. Barca won, wich was nice. Then off to spam BLF. Just perfect day off. Coulnd' be better.

It's a part of "Foy test". A flashlight can't be labeled with "Approved by Foy" without a shower! LOL

I can assure everyone that no light tested by Foy is pissed on by Foy. Besides; if I did that I would have to chase the light. (can you move a 980L without your hands?)



goes through the wash in my work trousers pocket every week and has done for the last three years with no issues

What an odd lot ..Say no more wink wink nudge nudge ,say no more .

I've heard people say they take their light with them everywhere they go ..showering just is over the top ...on the other hand it makes me feel much more normal to have you guys so twisted .. thanks for that .

So this actually means that you piss in the shower…
Aahh i love the characteristics of a real man! :d

Hahahahahaha :d

I wonder how your washing machine would survive such an experience! :bigsmile:

I guess it would give a new meaning to the IPX rating. It would be an " I P on my flashlight" rating.

Some people will do anything to get a white tint.

1/2 cup of bleach for a cool white

1/4 cup neutral

add 1 orange shirt , 1 yellow towel and a tan sock for warm white

That's good to hear. Seriously the mid level priced stuff below Surefire like Tiablo/Olight will surive quite a lot of abuse too (Tiablo is not THAT expensive) fact crazy amount of abuse like being shot by a shotgun and surive the ordeal. Even for budget lights like my Ultrafire U-80, recently I used this for self-defence (sort of) by throwing it at my target.....well it missed and hit concrete. The throw was like prob a 3-4 storeys drop kind of thing, dented/chipped the concrete about 1-inch by 1/2 inch and 2-3mm deep.....nary a scratch other than 2 very small nicks and the HA being scraped off at the tailcap and front.