[Totally off-topic] Humble Frozenbyte Bundle Games (win, mac, linux)

Some stress relievers, if you are too stressed out from counting your flashlights (Don how many tries do you need? ;-) ) or lost track of your orders (I made an Excel table just for that)

I don't know if some of you are into some casual games, but this is clearly budget (starting at 0.01$):


I had / have a blast with bundle 1 & 2 and they give some of the earnings to charity.


Lots! :)

There are usually quite a few that aren't where they are supposed to be. At the weekend when something powerful would have been very useful (Well there were 3 1500 watt Redheads (studio lights) beside where I was sleeping but they need mains power) I'd looked them out and left them in a pile on the coffee table. The assistant goes nuts when she sees I'm loading stuff in the car (Mostly her stuff, brushes bowls, bowl stand, food, medication - that sort of thing) and as a result i forgot the cameras, the bag of lights, the laptop and a bottle of wine. The brightest light I had with me was an ITP A3 with a battery desperately needing charging.

Still the assistant enjoyed herself and AFAIK I didn't lose any lights this time...

Now off to look at the game bundle...

Awesome 4 games for $0,01. More budget impossible English versions only? Full versions? Really, will donate more than $0.01 for charity

New Humble Bundle #3 is up and selling. Pay what you want starting at $0.01. Some nice puzzle games like Crayon physics deluxe and it's cross-platform on Windows/Mac/Linux. Have fun and good luck.

Humble Bundle 6 is online ... pay what you want $0.01, $1.00, or whatever you seem fit. A minimum of $1 to get additional steam keys... pay more than the average to unlock Dustforce!