TR-J12 for $55, too good to be true?

I was looking for a Trustfire TR-J12 and I came across this

Is this website legit and reputable? I don't really want a DOA or some beaten up second.

there was a thread about two weeks ago

i think it was about $4 cheaper, maybe same seller

I'm not searching for it because I might find it IS the same seller, and that they got their lights, then I'll be out $55 :-P

He's legit and been around. He's been selling them around the world and getting very good feedback. It appears he has about 995 of them sitting around, so he obviously needs to start moving them out. I like the free shipping too.

Thanks Richie for the response. :) I think I will have to get one simply because that is a pretty good deal.

I bought 2 of these at when they were at 50$ . I bought one when these first came around when it was regular price. It was defective and they refunded me full price and shipping

Do you think it is better than the DRY in any way?

Why did you post this? When my GF yells at me for ordering another flashlight I'm sending her to you ;)

I am on the same boat with mine too, don't worry.

Just tell her flashlights are good investments and that you'll always have use for it.

I got one from the other thread.Its a great light at a great price

It's reasonable for $55. New TR models have just been released, so it makes sense that the older model would decrease in price.

I read somewhere on here that the DRY (or was it the KING?) cannot maintain maximum output on TURBO mode whereas the TR-J12 can. DRY is brighter (so they say) BUT for only a short period of time.

Tell your girlfriend, that you have ordered the flashlights 6 weeks ago, but China Post take really long for delivery - it's not a new order

Same seller. Here's the original thread.