TR-J20 successor?

I bought a TR-J20 about 3 years ago, and I love the light. It can run on it’s brightest mode pretty much indefinitely, makes probably 3-4000 lumens unmodded with good batteries, and has an absolutely gigantic heat sink and a decent thermal design w/ a 1/4” thick shelf to provide a good thermal path … and all this at a relatively affordable $75-$125 price point (depending on when it was purchased).

Now, I haven’t been following flashlights for the last few years. I know that there are newer, brighter, more efficient emitters out (XHP series), but I don’t know if anyone has squeezed them into something that had all the positive traits of my beloved TR-J20 - good thermal mass/path/sinking, floody with a good hotspot, extremely bright high setting with a good runtime (15-20mins plus), and an affordable (< $150, preferably <$100) pricepoint. Something with a nice fat handle designed to take both 26650’s and 32650’s is a bonus :).

Can anyone help me out?

Does it really do 8K lumens?
For beamshots make it seem the Convoy L6 or Thorfire S70(s) have similar beam pattern but these do
3,5K-4K lumens
2 26650/18650 cells (my S70 does turbo for about an hour on two Liitokala 26650 cells so it check that box)

Does more like 3-4k out of the box, but easy mods get it up to 5-8k. Looking for something that’s brighter than the TR-J20 out of the box.

So I had almost talked myself into a Convoy L6, but then changed my mind & decided that it doesn’t have enough heatsink. Any other suggestions?

The Thorfire S70S has better cooling properties, it stays cooler for sure
Wow, without branding Thorfire S70 (not the S) ~$35 here:

Is that trustworty? Info on item is totaly fubar.

Looks legit to me & I have both an S70 & S70s.
I have seen the S70 for sale unbranded from several different sellers & also branded “Sofirn” for around that price.
The S70s was available for $34 a couple of months ago on Aliexpress (several of us bought them) & they were genuine so the price is not suspicious.
If you pay by paypal or CC you are protected anyway :wink: