TR001 charger and Red "3000" mah Ultrafire protected battery

Summer had a bad influence on charger.. I broke 2 charger! So i order a TR001 and a XTAR MP1. No problem with the XTAR but the TR001 almost don't fit longest battery for example Ultrafire protected "3000" mAh. Someone has the same problem? Someone try with 18700?

I use the TR001 with the TrustFire "flames" (red-black) which are protected batts with no problems, maybe your batts are longer than usual.......

Even with protected batts, it can fit 2mm longer batts

18650 batteries varies in length, the longest is around 70mm long, more common for protected cells in around 68 mm.

In my 18650 roundup I have a chart with battery lengths for many brands.

I charge "flames" and "blue" ultrafire without any problem but with these battery i have to press to fit. I wonder if someone has the same problem and if someone try this charger with XTAR 18700.

I use a TR001 with XTAR 18700 (2600ma), they are very tight to fit but you can force them in, most of the time I don't force them and just place the battery above the contact on an angle, the LED on the charger will let me know if I didn't get the contact right.