tr800 at tmart...

i dunno about how easy it is to open up that 5 led assembly, BUT, is this a good deal?

nvm, researched it myself. ill pass for now

To the prodect, it is put to use with 5 CREE P4 LED,it show its advantage in spotlight due to the particular designed in lamp cup, it

really show its advantage in spotlight.and the cylindrical shell continue to use the grolious design same to the WF900 SSC P7, but the

most important thing glued me is up to 1200 feet range owe to 800 Lumens output,anti-skidding, also T6061 aviation aluminum alloy.

To the site, for it is a new company,i am going alone with it for a long time, i found almost the whole site products are fixed position

in a low-price,seems to compete some like DX(in price),to be honest,the site optimization is not good as DX, but whatever ,LOL, i think the cheapie

has nothing to with the hot post by JAS,i firmly convinced that was a mistake in entrying order, and i glance over all the replies there,and found that

i wan not noly interested in the flashlights category but lasers.