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Today I was in the Tractor Supply Store in Newberry, SC. They had some Wagner HT1000 heat guns on clearance for $14.50. Don't know anything about them, but purchased one. I will try to use it today and report back. I can't find the product on TSC's website, but here is a Google Shopping Link (in the picture) to the item:

Also, they had these on sale for $9.99. Looks kind of cool. Very chunky. Bought one to see if a 26650 can be fit into it.

NOTE: After opening this light. I don't recommend it at $10. See Post 9.

Opened up the JobSmart 3AA. Like several things about, but not sure it will be worth the $10 I spent for it. It has good grip feel, XM-L2, and appears to have a good reflector. Threads are good and tight. Machining is mostly good, but a couple spots could be getter. Battery tube is long enough to hold 26650's and one will fit stock, but the cap won't quite go all the way down. There is a super long spring on the driver. Replacing with shorter one will fix that if it bothers your. Has a plastic lens (Guessing around 44mm diameter) and the head appears to be glued. I don't have time to work on getting it apart right now. There are slight variations in the color of the head, battery tube, and cap. Those 3 issues don't bother me much, but the anno doesn't seem very tough. It's not dark out yet to see how it works.

TR-A9-2, JobSmart 3AA, UF-C12

Cap with King Kong unprotected. Mouse over without any cells inside.

Does it have any modes, or just on and off?
The XM-L2 is really hitting the mainstream for sure.

Hey dcho man,

No modes, just on/off. Beam might be on the throwy side, but the spill seems bright enough for general usage. Needs to be darker for me to tell. There is a thick (about as wide as the hot spot) yellow corona. I wonder if that means the emitter is too deep in to the reflector or something. It has an unusual emitter isolator disk that I like alot. I would like to get more of them. I'll try to get a picture later.

K. I really like the beam pattern on this light. Very good for general purpose. Good gift light. The Industrial Look is growing on me.. So here is a wall shot from earlier. The corona is yellow in real life and about as wide as the diameter of the hot spot. Very neutral light tint. I like it a lot. Spill isn't wide due to the deep reflector, but the beam pattern is great. I will try to get an outdoor beam shot tonight, but I have to go out for now. If it's not raining when I get back, I'll take some.

Beige wall:


Here is that isolator I like

I've seen it around somewhere. Anyone know were to get these? I really like the dish shape of it. Looks like it should be sanded shorter if it stays in this light.

Very nice for $10 it seems! Thanks!


Oh boy and i get to use my GFs mom employee discount too. Going to pick up a new jacket tomorrow so i always check to see what else there is

Here a couple quick outdoor beam shots. The mouse out is this light. It is also a 3AA with the same diameter reflector, but different shaped reflector. Might have an XP-G2 emitter, but haven't had a chance to look close. The Mouse over the light linked in Post 1. The pictures for both lights seem darker than reality to me. Not sure what camera setting changed. Seems to be auto correcting for the hot spot. Anyway. The beam general pattern can be seen. The beam is impressive (for a 3AA) when your using the light out in the dark. It's raining now. So no retakes tonight.

Light aimed at nearby brush.

The easy to hold chunky industrial style, easy to see and find red button, and good tail standing will make this a gift for an uncle in law. I kind of want the light, but my wife says he will like it. Maybe the price will drop more and I will get one.

Just realized something I could use the heat gun on this morrning. That light in Post 1 to open it up. Got good news and bad news:

Good news

It seems to be a decent heat gun. I want to see how it does reflowing, but wont' get a chance to try that until later today. Going to visit my folks in a few minutes.

Bad news:

I totally don't recommend that light in Post 1. The head is a press fit. Maybe that isn't too big a deal, but it turns out the lens is also a press fit. This is a feature that should only been seen in the cheapest of lights. On the plus side, the pill looks decent and fits nice in the battery tube. The emitter star had no thermal paste though. Current at the tail was only .75 amps. Reflector is plastic.

Looks like a complicated driver for a single mode light!


EDIT: It looks something like the driver in that clearance $8.98 HD Defiant It was also a 1 mode light.


You’re giving up too early on this one!
Mine pulls 1.89 amps when setting a freshly charged 18650 (with pvc sleeve) low impedance laptop pull in it.
It’s one of the batteries from Hagg911 (which everyone should own a few of these, they pull wicked amps and they are short)
Anyway, the tailcap screws all the way down. I know if I could get to that cheesy driver spring and braid it that it will go over 2 amps.
Thing has to be over the rated 350 lumens when driven this way.

The reflector being plastic is the best news yet, it can’t short the emitter leads:)
That pill looks beefy from your pictures and I am sure some mods can be made on the driver, or better yet throw a Nanjg driver in there and have modes and regulation.

The beam looks very nice, wouldn’t change a thing unless you want to go the de-dome route and try to make a thrower. I think it is better suited for a chunky walking light.
Holding this thing in your grip, you definitely could do some damage if you had to hit “something”

I do not own a heat gun, so how do you get this thing apart without mangling it all to heck?
I do have a small propane torch and a pretty hot hair dryer as well.
Also have a vise and plenty of vise grips, slip joint pliers, etc.

Anyway, at $10, with a the well centered XM-L2, I like it a lot, press fit or not.

I hear you Muto. Cool that the amps go up with a better battery set up.

I don't think you need a heat gun to open this, but it would probably help. I used the heat gun because I thought it had threads and thread lock. I think the way to get the head off without damaging it is to use a PVC pipe or something that slides over the body but not the head. Then whack the PVC pipe down until gravity pulls the battery tube from the head. May not work. I used a rubber jawed vice with the battery tube along the length and a rubber strap wrench on the head. When I turned the head, it slid off on it's own.

I really like the light a lot too. Very nice beam pattern and I really like the industrial look and feel. In fact, I like the challenge of modding these types of lights. I just don't think most feel the same. So I'm warning them so they know what they are getting into. If the price comes down, I will get one and mod it. I got an idea to enable putting in a removable glass lens.

Just had it out back and it is roughly the same output of my Xintd X3 on Medium.
The Xintd has a smaller hot spot, but the output seems the same or maybe just slightly higher with the Tractor JobSmart Chunky having better spill.

This thing hangs with most C8’s in stock form. Can’t wait to get it apart and lay into it.
It does not get hot which figures since ImA4Wheelr showed No heat paste.
But the output does not seem to suffer, so it must not be high enough to matter…Yet :slight_smile:
It has just a very nice creamy beam, very nice budget surprise.

At $10, she is hard to beat.
The lens is plastic, but very clear, so no big deal to me.
I look forward to other members modifications and observations.
Maybe someone can jailbreak that mystery driver.


Are there any markings on the IC at U2?

I am guessing it’s going to say “mc10p3108s” after they clean off the ink covering it.

this is a shot of the chip next to U2 on the Defiant 3D, also a single XM-L2 light. I think it has the same driver and no one could figure out what this chip is.

I’m going to assume it’s just an SO8 modes chip and not an MCU like the “MC” might imply. I’m guessing that maybe one of the resistors marked 103 is shorting VIN and PWM out on the modes chip (on purpose) in order to make it single mode.

That’s a pretty wild guess though without some more info. I assume that there is no PWM in the output?

An easy thing to look at would be resistors which connect any two pins of MC10P3108S.

Ummm… or what’s up with that L-1 pad? Are the modes actually enabled and it’s actually the FET that’s bypassed by the current LED- wiring? [nope]

Or not. Where’s “double strike-through” when you need it? :wink: I see that topic has already been covered in your thread. OK, back to the topics I mentioned inside the strikethrough…

Here is a better pic of another driver from that Defiant 3D

Looks to me that R2 bridges the pins on the chip.
So I think what you are saying is that removing R2 and connecting to L-1 instead of L- could unlock some modes?