**Traded**WTS/WTT Eagle Eye X6 Triple

Eagle Eye X6 Host
Copper Heat Sink
3*XP-L V6 0D on Noctigon XP32
Mtn 17dd fet+1 w/Toykeeper’s Firmware

There’s thermal adhesive between the host & heatsink and between the heatsink and mcpcb. The tail spring is bypassed directly to the switch and the driver spring is bypassed with solder wick. The price is $85 shipped via priority mail, in the US only. If you live outside the US you’ll be required to pay shipping. Trades are always welcome too.

She puts out a lot of light…

Wish I had your abilities as I have the Eagle Eye GB light X6-SE. It has a boring 4 mode UI. It’s a great light, quality, just boring to me.

best of luck on the sale.

Do you have a lumens estimate?

I don’t but it does have a fet and the spring is bypassed at the driver and at the tail. I don’t have any way of measuring the output.

Anyone care to estimate what the output may be based on the specs I provided?

Nice light! I’d say 3000 lm at least.

Yeah, I’d say so, I’ve got a M2 Nichia 219c quad that puts out 3400 lumens and this seems a bit brighter.


Good price! I had one with nitros heatsink that would draw over 13A at the tail. I think it should be closer to 3600-4000 lumens but I don’t have a sphere and never tested mine. Glws

I think Dale tested a triple XPL X6 at 2700lm OTF… Mine is modded the same way and puts out a beautiful smooth beam, gets hot insanely fast too.

I think Dale and Tom E both had triple XPL X6’s measured well above 3500 lumen, I think some did over 4000 lm. For the record, my X6 triple XP-L HI U6 5A does 49 lux in a ceiling bounce, where my SC600w L2 did 15 lux, both with LG HE4@4,19V. Let’s say my zebra does only 900lm, that would give 900/15*49= 2940 lm for my X6. That’s U6, the one we’re talking about is V6, factor 1,4 approximately -> round about 4100 lumen… By the way, I wouldn’t let mine go for 85$…

Traded with jescereal.