Traditional GITD Knife

These aren’t exactly budget, but they do glow like the dickens. These are two Queen Cutlery #26 Stockmans with moonglow scales. Pretty sweet! They came from the EDCF store.

The two together.

Then with a SAK and a Sodbuster for scale.

It goes without saying, Dale, that that would be better. Better still, you can actually buy a real deal one here.

How do the moonglow scales feel on the knife? I really liked the look of the EDCF Spyderco Native 5.

Hi, Chloe. The scales are totally smooth. Same as they where on the other forum knives. These are also much less translucent than the very last run of Manix knives, which you can almost see through.

So nice to see a real knife with bolsters again! I would prefer bone scales myself. Plastic tends to look boring to someone as short sighted as I am.

Maybe, but it glows so brightly that you will giggle.

Glowing photo?

You got it my friend.

Someone said there was a YT vid of it as well. Whoever did that must be real bored. :cowboy_hat_face:

Now that's a glowing review .

Very nice to see modern material used on a traditionally styled penknife.
That glows really well.