Trail headlamp

hello, I practice trail running and am looking for a new lamp. I currently have a Nitecore HC60 T-shaped headlamp but I don’t like its projection. I noticed that in the rain and with fog it bothers me to wear a lamp on my head, I prefer to carry it by hand. I am therefore looking for a lamp with the same shape as armytek elf c2. Can you advise me on a cheaper quality alternative (sofirn hs40/sp40/sp40a…) what color temperature to run if it rains, good overview of the ground mud…roots…stones… …the armytek elf c2 warm and good value for money??? THANKS

Well, there’s plenty to choose from.
And Yes… brought by you Sofirn models are way more budget friendly (than Armytek or Nitecore) and offer very decent amount of light and UI. You can also choose the option you like - whether you prefer cold light with worse color rendering but a bit brighter or you prefer to sacrifice some output in the favour of better color rendering (these come usually in 4000K temp). Just be advised that cold light in general is brigher. High color rendering takes off some output (the beter CRI the worse output from the same amount of power).

I think cold light is better for bad weather but I don’t think that plays a major role in terms of visibility or piercing the fog. In gerenal: warm light gives better colors while cold shows details better.

But there are more brands than Sofirn. At the same ‘value for money’ ratio you might want to consider Convoy (H1, H2, H3) or Wurkkos (HD15, HD20)

Another thing worth considering is the mass. You should think over if a built-in charger is something you want to always run with you or are you OK with using external charger at home. The external one may be better for your batteries and allow for charging multiple cells at the same time (multi-slot charger)

thank you, I want a simple interface, I did the h15 but switching flood/trow is painful when you are moving.

No doubt. But you can always switch to both LEDs and leave it like that.

I have a preference for the moment for armytek elf c2 unless an enthusiast offers me something better

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Skilhunt no?

a simple interface

Yes very simple 1-2-3-1-2-3… similar to Armytek

prices are high

Best price/quality ratio

Do you have a price in mind?
What are you willing to spend?

70€ max

One of the things that armytek (headlights) does better than just about everybody else is a wide smooth beam with no discernible hotspot. As the light is moving around whether it’s on your head, a chest mount, waist mount or in your hand it makes it easier to identify rocks, roots, leaves, ruts or whatever irregularity is on the ground. Whether it’s way out in front of you or one step away. When it’s raining or misty or fog or snow or dust or anything in the air warm is better. 3000k . Getting it off of your head and away from your eyes is so much better. The elf is the cheapest way to get into an armytek. The answer I gave you in your other thread still stands. The C2 limited edition 3000k from that polish site is still the best option. Skilhunt , Convoy, … has a few 3K options but the beam is just not as wide and smooth as an armytek.

yes thank you for your proposal, the version you propose far exceeds my budget, that’s why I’m looking at the elf c2 warm

If you enjoy running at night and you’re going to continue to do it for a long time, then the right equipment will make your experience that much better. Think of it as an investment in your happiness.

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If I decide to choose elf, do you recommend the warm version?

Looks like you already know what to buy so why are you asking us? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’m studying all the alternatives, it’s time to save some money…the wizard nichia is attractive but I can have the elf c2 for 63€…my name is not kilian jornet, I’m a simple amateur. If someone recommends a cheaper and quality lamp, I’ll listen. an advantage with armytek usb charging is that you can use the lamp without batteries with an external battery for example? Suggestion ?

Why do I have a sense of Deja vu reading this thread…

because I am distributed to zero after using petzl actik then nitecore hc60