Trash it.......or?

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I could do with this torch? (Polite suggestions only, please!).

I purchased it a few years ago, I think from a vendor in Germany, as I needed a UV torch. It wasn’t much good, so I ordered a Convoy S2+ UV from China which works very well, and now this one is redundant and lying around the place.

In spite of the brand name “Caché Equip” the housing appears to be identical to the UltraFire WF-502B - only the LED, circuit board and reflector appear to be different.

It’s a very simple torch with a tail-cap switch and I don’t want to make anything fancy out of it - just a simple, functional on/off utility torch.

I could get the Weller and solder out, but I’d prefer a straight forward internals drop-in solution. The board (or board housing) has a diameter of 22mm and the UV LED is 3.5mm.

oh, the opportunities I see!

I would put in a 3535 LED that is a bit on the throwy side with neutral to warm-ish tint
new driver that does around 2.5A.

Nice host, very mod friendly

Do you know what amps the driver is kicking out? Do you have a clamp meter you can take a reading with?

I’d be tempted to put one of these in it as it doesn’t require or need much current and also won’t get too hot. Seeing as there’s no shelf or copper pill, it would be a good candidate -

No clamp meter, just a good DMM. I measured 2.1A output from the driver.

The link you posted was to a red LED. I just need a bog-standard white LED and have no particular demands with regard to tint, etc. I was hoping that it would be possible to find a drop-in module with the LED already mounted. With a 3.5mm (or smaller) LED I could probably use the original reflector.

Is it possible to find such a module with the same 22mm diameter?

Got any regular “P60” drop-ins to try a fit?

Doubt anyone’d make a ‘502 host with different internal dimensions, to I’d bet a plain ol’ drop-in would, well, drop in.

Thank you! I had no idea what you were talking about, so I googled “P60 drop-in LED Module” and selected images.

Loads of them came up, for example this one (page is in German, as that’s the language here):

That’s EXACTLY what I had in mind - it even states compatibility with the UltraFire WF-502B. So……search ended……topic closed……Thanks again!

No worries. Technically they’re D26 drop-ins (diameter 26mm), but older nomenclature for those drop-ins with hotwire bulbs was “P60” for 6V (2×CR123A) and “P90” for 9V (3×CR123A).

Call ’em D26 and you get looks like you just sprouted a 2nd head.

For all my lights that take drop-ins (’501, ’502, L2M, etc.), all those drop-ins are really interchangeable. Pop out a white one and slap in a red one, and you’re good to go. Etc. NW, WW, red, green, IR, UV, you name it. Whole different light by just swapping modules.

I even have a few with hotwire bulbs. Power-hungry and not terribly bright, but as close to 100CRI as you’ll get. :laughing:

Go crazy…

do not waste your time on it, but do not trash it either, keep it just in case someone asks you to borrow a light. or when a throw away light is needed.

Hey, I EDCed a ’502 for a long time, and it was a simple stoopit 1-mode light. Okay, I put in one of the first XP-Ls that I got my hands on, but other than that (and the 1-mode driver) it was bone-stock.

Did about 95% of what I needed a light for.

Any decent drop-in will make it a quite-useful light.

Yes, that was more or less my intention - and the modules cost six dollars something from BANG-your-head-against-the-wall-until-it-feels-GOOD. I have to get some other head-banging stuff from them anyhow, so I don’t have to order just the module alone.

or keep in the basement or car