Trigger USB load HD25/35 Test

Ruideng (RD) pusblish a new products HD25/35 Interlligent triiger USB electrical load
for new products rule, for fist 5 day, price is very lower, HD25 8.49 (normal price 11.5 ), HD35 9.99 (normal price 13 usd). Please check

Trigger /Decoy Function:

  1. Trigger function:
    The charger can be used for QC2.0(QC2.0 5V, 9V, 12V and 20V), QC3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC 9V and multiple fast charging modes for trigger.
  2. Quick charge support detection function:
    Use the AUTO mode to detect that the charger can support for fast charge mode or not.
  3. Power-on automatic trigger function:
    After power on, trigger automatically quick charge and automatically turn on the load, which is suitable for batch testing for aging chargers.

    QC2.0 5V: LED tube displays –05.0, red LED indicator flashing

    QC3.0: LED tube displays actual voltage, green LED indicator flashing

    Samsung AFC9V: LED tube displays AFC9, blue LED indicator flashing

    Huawei FCP: LED tube displays FCP9, blue LED indicator flashing

    AUTO: LED tube displays AUTO

Well, looks like I did a good thing choosing the HD35 over the LD25/LD35. Its functions are much more diverse.

Also, since this is an electronic load with triggering, does that mean it can automatically identify if a USB supply can support each fast charge protocol?

In relation to this, does this support VOOC charge triggering? That would be even better!

All in all, this USB electronic load looks great! I’m so excited to be getting it.

for now , it only support r QC2.0(QC2.0 5V, 9V, 12V and 20V), QC3.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC 9V

Thanks for the quick response.

Also, what is the biggest difference between the HD25 and HD35? Other than the slightly higher current the HD35 supports, I do not know what is the difference.

Does it have a quieter fan or slightly better parts?

for the difference of HD25 and HD35, the difference is current , power, and fan …

Here’s a review of the HD35:

RD tech: not trying to be picky, but can you please move this thread to the correct subforum?
That would be Commercial Seller’s Spot or USB Power Devices .

Thank you!

ok, friend
thank you