Triple led wiring

At 10 volts the driver would die. ;) But yes, if you found a driver for 3 LEDs in series (like the DRY driver) then yes it would work.

If you look at chassis wiring in this graph, you can see that awg24 (or awg20)is okay for the main current feed and awg 28 for the parallel feeds but I would use silicon or Teflon cased wire for both due to the heat present from the LEDs. Cheap jackets shrink back and could expose the wires to the mcpcb or each other. The silicon jacketed wire you have should be okay.

Thanks! That’s exactly the info I was searching for and failing to find.

This thread looks short enough and helpful enough to revive, I hope.

So, there’s this triple Nichia:
(click to embiggen)

It’s identified on the board as “Parallel”
It has one big LED- and one big LED+ solder pad

Is it safe to assume the connections to the emitters are made on the board under the black paint layer?

I don’t see a way to do the fancy wiring discussed above earlier in this topic.

I've used a number of these in the recent past. All the connections you need are already there under the black layer. Just connect your driver wires to the supplied pads and enjoy the light. Just be careful what you order as Kaidomain also sells a serial version.