Triple led wiring

Hi, I received yesterday the triple xp-g XPG Indus Star and the well known 8X7135 driver at 2,8 amps, powered by a 18650 cell. Regarding the wiring, can you tell me, which options I have, paraller or in series? I am confused?

Also Parallel:

In Series:

Parallel. Each LED will get about 0.9A then.

Parallel is number 2 image, right?
Also, in number 1 connection, If the +,- circuit close with a fourth wire to each pole, will cause any difference?

First, you have to remove the jumpers. Since you need to wire the emitters in parallel, you need all the ± connections to be open before you attach any wires. Once the jumpers are removed, you can wire it like image 1 or 2 and it will be wired in parallel.

It's both parallel, but image one might be easier to do.

jumpers=0 resistors?

Can you show the in line connection?

Yes, those 0 ohm resistors just connect +-, so if you had a 3S driver, you would only have to solder to the empty pads. But as you have to connect them in parallel, you have to remove those jumpers.

I'm sorry, but what do you want me to show you?

6th picture shows a wired star.

I would like to make an in series connection image, to add in the first post.
Can you describe the wire placement for that?

Oh, Ok. :)

In series, you connect the + and - tabs next to each other. That's what those jumpers are doing. Then you connect the wires from the driver with the empty solder pads. But those drivers are rare in "low" current applications such as 3 XPGs.

It this in series connection?

No. Click this link to see what a triple wired in series looks like. (Link takes you to mtbr forums)

After your help, I updated the first post, hope this will help other people except me.

Your timing is uncanny …Thanks a lot for posting this! I just received parts for LED supply and shiningBeam

Both great to deal with.

Thank You

I like to use #2, after removal of the ZeroRes jumpers.

Bit of an old thread, but I’m about to wire up a parallel star and I’m nervous because I’m not exactly a soldering hero…

I have silicone jacketed 20awg wire that I’ll use to connect to power, but can I cheat a little and use smaller wire for the in-between connections? (I’ve got cheap-jacket 24awg and silicone jacket 28awg available right now.)

[edit] I should have said 3A drive current on high. [/edit]


What would happen if the LED was wired up in series with the same 7135 2.8 amp driver?

3.7/3 volts and 2.8A to each led?
Non working situation I think.

I don't think it would turn on. Not enough voltage.

So you would need 10 volts and it would put out 2.8 amps per LED if you wanted to run it in series?