Triple nichia max amp?

what kind of output “lumens” would one see with DD FET vs a 3.04 qlite driving a triple nichia?
this would be with a copper MCPCB and braided Springs 25r battery etc etc

This is readings from member JMPaul from CPF—not sure if a fet driver would go much beyond this

Convoy S3 3x Nichia 219b 5.8a
Samsung 20r
1401@ turn on
1279@ 30 sec
448 med
57 low
3 firefly

eh so really a FET probably over kill… 4.5a should be righteous

I have a triple nichia 4.6 amps—it’s nice but doing it again I would stack chips on both sides for 6amps

so I thought nichia wasn’t a lumen monster, I just want to build a nice little triple that at minimum does 1k lumens and has beautiful color. I think 3amp should be good or should I stack some chips?

3amps to a triple 219b is only going to get you about 900 lumens at the emitter, then the optic is going to steal a chunk of that too.

hmm off topic if I went with 3.04a with triple XPG2 would I see more of an output?

You could also wait for the high-Cri versions of the 219c to come out.
I’m using this graph

83 CRI is bullshit. 92+ is what we need!

Well your XPG2’s are about 70cri…. But that’s why I said you could wait for the high-CRI version to come out. I wasn’t referring to the 83CRI version, because that is already out.

yea, anyone have a a general idea when th se new nichia will surface?

Series, or parallel?

Like this? Convoy S2 Triple Nichia 219B Build - Complete!!

somewhere september Nichia 219C, testing a 5000K 83CRI emitter, comparing with a XP-G2 S4 2B and other leds

Sinkpad just announced (July newsletter) new boards, including this one (and quite a few others, do look around their pages)
Nichia 219, 3LED Cu Star
385.0 W/m.k
CompatibleLED Cree XPG/G2/C/E, XTE, XPL, N219, Luxeon-Q, Z5M, 3535
LED Configration SinkPAD-II Direct Thermal Path
Optics Compatibility Carlco 10510
Power connection options Connect Two “S” bridges to get all 3-LEDs in a series

Click “send inquiry” — they’re decent about sending samples to builders; if you ask, you could mention budgetlightforum so they know where interest comes from

I have a triple Nichia 219B which gets a bit over 1800 lumens with a 25R cell (FET driver). I have another which does a bit over 1400 lumens from an Efest 18350 cell (FET+7135 driver).

A triple 219C could go much, much higher. Like 3600 lumens in a triple. The B-to-C performance difference is a little crazy. The 219C’s forward voltage is so low that it actually needs to be current controlled instead of letting the output be limited by Vf. Otherwise it’s likely to destroy itself by pulling too many amps.

I get 12,8A on a 219C triple with 25R, should do around 3000lm

see Nichia 219C, testing a 5000K 83CRI emitter, comparing with a XP-G2 S4 2B and other leds