triple / quad 32mm XP noctigon's

Initially I bought 5 set's of these, I had no idea they were limited production (there was no mention of that on I-O, WTF, if you're gonna do a limited run freaking announce it from the moment thats decided!)

I have used all but the final one and am using it next week. Both pukelight and EA41_CK REQUIRE these (not even 10mm individual boards will work). If you bought a pair and only used one, or you bought a pair but never fonud a project or whatever I will buy your's. Please contact me right away, pukelight has been selling better and better, as I ship more out more order's come in (I just gave a quote to a serious buyer for 15 of them, looking like they're wanting delivery before xmas).

At this point (and completely blindsided by this news) I will even pay to get them here from people outside of the US, please PM me right away, even if you only have 1, even if its used. If you're using it for the center pad only I will not only buy you's but I will also order you a 31mm Maxtoch in return. Please help me out here, this literally couldnt put me in a worse situation- I just spend $400 on heatsink's made specifically for these boards, the optic works with individual boards but my heatsink does not. Thanks I-O, you pretty much screwed me out of $400 here by doing this with no warning.

Anyone that can help me out, I cant thank you enough!

Will he make any more?

where is the link for the quad? dangit

Is there any other board that can be used?

I got 2pcs which I could sell, if that is of any help to you.

Wish I had some I could send to help you Cereal. :~
Do you have pictures of your heatsink this goes on?

Noctigon XP32 Advanced Direct Thermal Path Copper MCPCB (2pcs)
He is now planing to do another run but it sounds like Cereal needs them sooner.

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Hikelite if CK does not take them ill buy one or both ? if u done want them


PM me your address. I’ll send my last one to you.
Of course, no charge :wink: