triple xm-l setup off a 2.8amp driver?

Ok mabey my googley goodness isnt that googley today.

I am wanting to run this setup.

But not using the 3 Li-ion's but or mag switch but with a 12volt 2.5 amp power supply say like off a laptop.

Or just a regular 12volt car battery.

This setup is gonna be used to light up the target area of our gun range.

Wasnt 100% sure if there was something else i might need to do to keep from frying out stuff.

I think everything will be fine just want to make sure

before i have to make another order lol

Well if there is anything let me know thanks!


What about using this: It should run directly from car's battery.

I wouldnt mind giving that driver a go at it. But i just dislike the month + wait to the states from Dx.

Thought about trying out a buck block

But it only puts out only 2100mA...............

Might try that and just add more XM-L's

You can never have enuf light lol

As the Vf of the XML is lower than the p7 you may find you are pushing more current than you expect. You may have to put a resistor in series. I would just heatsink the hell out of it and cross my fingers personally.

Well i hope it will work with a ton of heat sinking.

I have a skid of aluminum that came off the bottom of a chicken cage. Its not solid but its thick and has tons of aluminum for the heat.

Hope this works because if it does I got the idea of trying it on one of my wifes touch lamps lol.