Tritium Vials for Sale

The glue that I previously used that came with those windshield repair kits is like that as well. So I was surprised when that Kafuter glue cured so quickly.

I have used the optical adhesive Norland 61 with great success and can strongly recommend it. It cures in normal sunlight and is practically invisible once cured. Normal clear epoxies risk beeing foggy with time, so they should be avoided if possible.

Nitecore used to do a slotted version of their piston drive lights. This is what got me hooked on tritium. I am constantly on the lookout for these…


I used daylight, which is hard work here in the UK sometimes!

I'll second the request to know where you're shipping from, mostly because I have heard some stories about US customs confiscating them.

Hi guys, I’m shipping the vials from Singapore. I’ve been selling the vials for some time in cpf and I’ve sent more than a hundred packages to the US successfully with at most two packages that didn’t make it to the intended destinations and these were sent via unregistered mail.

I think I have sold to essexman before too. :slight_smile:

Yes I should have said, the above photos were your Tritium !

Eclipsesharp is a great guy to deal with. Good comms and fast shipping.

Also made my wife very happy by using some of the best looking stamps she has seen for a long time! :bigsmile:

Thanks for that, without this reference I would have been hesitant to deal.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

I also have 6x143mm vials too if you are interested. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an update on all items:

0.95 x 3.0mm - $4.68 (Green)
1.4 x 3.5mm - $5.20 (Green)
1.5 x 6.0mm - $7.28 (Yellow, red, purple, white, green, ice blue, blue, orange, pink)
2.0 x 6.0mm - $8.84 (Yellow, red, purple, white, green, ice blue, blue)
2.0 x 12.0mm - $10.40 (Yellow, red, purple, white, green, ice blue, blue, orange, pink
3.0 x 22.5mm - $14.04 (Yellow, red, purple, white green, ice blue, blue, orange ,pink)
3.0 x 25.0mm - $15.08 (green, ice-blue, blue)

6 x 143mm - $67.60 including acrylic tube and o-rings (Green 750uL)

Current Stock Available:

Size (mm)
0.95 x 3 Green - 3

1.4x3.5 Green - 4

1.5 x 6 Green - 21
1.5 x 6 Red - 3
1.5 x 6 Ice-blue - 25
1.5 x 6 Blue - 3
1.5 x 6 Yellow - 5
1.5 x 6 Orange - 5

2x12 Green - 8
2x12 Ice-blue - 6
2x12 Purple - 17

3x22.5 Green - 16
3x22.5 Ice-blue - 2
3x22.5 Blue - 6
3x22.5 Purple - 4
3x22.5 White - 2
3x22.5 Pink - 5

3x25 Green - 5
3x25 Ice-blue - 1

6 x 143 Green - 11

11.4mm Orange Sphere - 1 ($68 a piece)

Disc Green - 1 ($80 a piece)

My trit vials arrived today. 13 days from placing order.
They arrived very well packaged and in perfect shape.
Thanks Eclipsesharp. :wink:

That’s fast… The mileage differs for different states I realized. Some can take as long as a month. Hope you like them. :slight_smile:

11.4mm Orange Sphere – 1 ($68 a piece)

Do you have a picture of this?

Also if you could tell me the measurements for that green disk, i might be interested in it depending on the size.

I am a tritiumahlic as well. , here is a little guy that i made with trits. +1 on the Norland optical adhesive as well, it is easy to use and awesome i have some on my keychain tool that is still clear after 2 years of banging around in my pocket. Note the watch its a tritum Deep Blue, they have a whole line of tritium dive watches.

For the orange sphere, I have installed it in a miniature brass lamp (for sale) I made a week ago so here are the pictures for color. I have ordered a 1 more and 2 green ones which should arrive in approximately a week.

For the green disc, its 22mm in diameter with a pip at the back(see enclosed picture for shape). Its sold out but the new stock will arrive together with the spheres and other vials.

I do make brass tritium beads with 1.5x6mm tritium vials if anyone is interested too. :slight_smile:

Can you get blue spheres? can you make a little stainless lamp for one and what would be the final costs?

Spheres in small quantities are rather rare from the manufacturer and the only reason I can get them is because these are extra ones that the manufacturer mass produced for a recent order. Also, not a lot of people buy them so I don’t keep much stock.

Right now I am only working with brass and to be honest, I do not have the equipment / experience in turning stainless steel yet as it is a much harder metal to work with.

I am selling this miniature tritium brass lamp for $188 shipped with registered shipping and tracking number.

I think the green ones are more attractive. Like kryptonite crystals.

I may be seriously Instrested how would it be applied to sights and what is durability like and how long would it last per application?

Most of the people who use tritium vials use Norland NOA61 to glue them on as they are transparent and cures quickly under UV. That being said, I have not tried them before. I use epoxy. These are made of glass so you do have to be careful if they are exposed but if they are fitted in a protected area like gun sights, they should be safe.

These vials last anywhere between 10-12years.