Tritium Vials for Sale

I have ten 3x22.5mm green tritium vials for sale at $14.04 per piece.

Shipping is a flat rate of $2 and an additional charge of $3 for registered shipping with tracking number.

Payment via PayPal.



Pics with your user name and today’s date would definitely build up some trust. :slight_smile:

Here’s the picture. I do have different sizes and colours if anyone is interested in them too. :slight_smile:

What are the vials made out of? Is it just glass?

Yes, they are made of glass.

I’m trying to think of how I can attach a glass vial onto my lights which act as a beacon. But because they’re glass I worry about durability. What are these usually used for?

I have epoxied them onto my lights before and they work fine but those are much smaller vials (1.5x6mm) and I have them at $7.28 a piece. You just have to make sure some of the epoxy covers the surface of the vial. That being said, I don’t use excessive force on my lights so mileage may differ.

Some use them for gun sights, pendants, the possibilities are quite endless.

Some examples of lights with trits:

From this thread:!/page21

man, that second one from the left... saweeetness!&p=4008466&viewfull=1#post4008466

side note. what is that light???

Those are beautiful. Don’t think I would ever be able to do that myself though.


No idea, but that’s one hell of a sexy light.

I’m fast becoming a tritaholic.

Try to find a light with cooling fins. Drill through and glue the tritium using an optical grade superglue, or glass repair superglue.

He’s the SWM I did for my oldest girl

and some skull beads, I used tritium to make eyes

You’ll note in Essexman’s post above about using glass or optic grade glue. Epoxy resin generally turns yellow with time. The UV activated glass glue is preferable. I have used the one FT sells (SKU 1285104) to glue trit tubes and it seems to work well. It also worked well to repair my windshield. (You need to cure it with unfiltered daylight, or have a UV light with the correct wavelength).

@Eclipsesharp: You haven’t mentioned where you are shipping from?

@Essexman: Do you use a UV Light or daylight to cure yours? If the former, what wave length is best for this?

I've always wanted to do a light with them, but for the price, I would be putting a hundred dollars of tritium into a 30 dollars light. I just can't justify it and I've been looking/drooling at that stuff for years now. It's become a love/hate thing.Laughing

It’s expensive to pimp up a light with tritium for cosmetic purposes. But for mine is it pure utility to find the light in the dark, requiring from one to 3 green vials (they are the brightest), so it costs in the range of 8-25 dollars by the time I’m done.

I whish there was a (reasonable) way to lawfully import them. Where is EU harmonization when you need it?
I would love one, but I’m not so eager to get a unfriedly letter from customs office.

What is the problem, you can buy trits inside EU.

I used tritium vials in acrylic cases to add locators to a couple keychains. Works great for people who always forget where they left their keys, so long as it’s dark when you’re looking for them. The Norland optical-grade glue is a pain to deal with though, since it’s the consistency of vegetable oil and cures slowly even in intense UV light (sunlight or a high-powered mercury light).

I’d love to pimp out some lights, but it’s expensive and kind of a pain and the trit won’t last as long as the light itself.

Now that I think about it though, it wouldn’t be too hard to add a small one (or two) to the back of my L3 L10-219 so I could find it in the dark.

Yes, in the UK for example. But over here they need special certification to be legal. To the day, only one keychain manufacturer has gone trough this (expensive) process.
The customs stickers on my EU internal shipments tell me that customs monitors these packages as well, so I rather not try that.