Tritium Vials (Trits) now at BangGood-(Other colors added)

Green 6mm x 2mm

Green 3mm X 30mm

Green 6mm x 15mm

Green 5mm x 80mm

Green 5mm x 100mm

Green 3mm x 22.5mm

1.5mm x 6mm in orange, green, blue or yellow

Green 5mm x 100mm ? those are huge. :open_mouth:
I would be worried about Chernobyl-levels of radiation from those.

"Perfect for space flight and aviation,instrument,war industry and collimator."

Great! Now I can head into space and teach those pesky Martians to mind their own business!

It's only beta radiation (emitted electrons), can be blocked by a sheet of paper, even if you didn't have the glass tube between you and the tritium.

Get the big ones they are cheaper.... and cut them down yourself :P

Or get a few thousand of them and fill a swimming pool full of the Tritium. >)

You can really cut them? I thought the gas would escape? would I use a butane torch to cut them or something? Sounds fun.
I researched about the radiation exposure from tritium, and it is not as bad as it looks.

Just use a kitchen knife or a hammer and chisel

Great, next thing to be outlawed, when a plane falls out of the sky because of tritium radiation.Tongue Out

Still too expensive for me. $60 just to put six of them into some drilled out fins. Whew!

same here. I will stick to researching better parts to build smaller Battery-powered glow tubes. :stuck_out_tongue:
I am currently testing some smaller versions of my Glow tube used on my Hand-Built light, using two Cr2032 cells on one, and four LR41 cells with another, and three LR44 cells in a third, with smaller low-power LEDs and higher resistance resistors. ( so far have 34 days running on a keychain-sized version using LR41s glowing a Green LED.)


that tritium stuff is not to play with…
and don’t make fun with people who don’t know what they do!!

someone cuts or brakes one of those and inhales / swallows the gas ( or whatever some Chinese manufacturer puts in this thingeys)

all the regulations for radiation and how to handle radioactive substances we have in the “1st world” have a reason…

Man that pointed tip on the 6x15 is a bummer, otherwise that’d be a good size.

I have trits in everything, like everything cool they’re expensive but whatever, it’s my money. I’ve made numerous lights, knife scales, made my own rifle sight, they really are useful is some applications (but mostly they’re cosmetic).

The reason is lawsuits. If some fool sticks a sharpened pencil in his ear and hits it with a hammer the manufacturer gets sued for not having a warning label telling users not to do that.

The fishing gear shop where I have bought some trits is cheaper than Banggood, and has many colours. That 5x80mm trit is a cool size though.

Yeah, i bookmarked that link you once gave somewhere around here.
Do-able prices.
I like the ‘bottle’ shown here though.


i was reffering to the tips above to cut them into size…
(some fool may read and try it…)

IF the vial is not illegal (means limited in ammount of gas) it takes 7 to get a allowed year dose of radiation…
but there are a lot with higher dose in it (cause its brighter then ;))

i worked as radiation safety guy in our company and the point is to avoid as much extra ratiation (to what you get from environment or flying anyway) on top as possible.
-> radiation damages your body :

  1. depending on the dose (which sums up until the point your body cant repair all the tiny damages to get ill)
  2. maybe 1 (one) silly particle damages your DNA by accident and you get cancer…

Why is it a bummer?

Meh. Trits scream look at me look at me.

Cause it’s sticking way out basically preventing any sort of flush mount job where you make a hole/cavity for the vial to fit in to then encase it in norland.

Plus it just looks so delicate.

Interesting. GB anyone? :slight_smile: