Tronic AA 2400mAh Ready To Use Lidl Belgium (bad quality!!)

I bought a few sets of the latest Tronic AA 2400mAh cells because the previous 2300mAh version was very good.

The first test is discharging with the Maha MH-C9000 to get the “ready To Use” capacity from the new cells.
The results were very bad for 2400mAh cells: 999mAh, 1034mAh, 991mAh and 991mAh.
The cells were much warmer than normal with a discharge current of 500mAh, and the voltage was lower.
That is why i think that the internal resistance is much higher than normal for AA nimh cells.

After two refresh/analyze cycles (discharge 500mA, charge 1000mA) the results were still very bad: 1149mAh, 1214mAh, 1184mAh and 1140mAh.

I noticed that the new “2400mAh” cells were much lighter than the older (still very good) 2300mAh cells:

These AA cells have just a little higher capacity than the best AAA cells…

I have sent these results to Lidl, and i am waiting for their response on this problem…
These cells are not useable for me, the camera flash will not work very long, and with the high internal resistance the recharging of the flash capacitor will take much too long.

The price was very low (3,99 Euro), but i can not recommend these cells.
Do not buy these Tronic 2400mAh Ready To Use cells!!!

I have purchased several packs of Tronic 2400mAh cells in the UK and have also been disappointed.

I discharged one pack at a rate of 125mA down to 1.00V and these were my results:

Fresh out of the pack: 1042, 1053, 1042 & 1039.
After charging: 1174, 1177, 1169 & 1218.

I also noticed the unusual light weight - 19g per cell. So far I have only tested one pack but all packs share the same low weight so I imagine they will all be much the same.

I will contact Lidl UK and seek an explanation.

It’s FDK or bust, people. Why mess with anything else?

I just checked on local forums and it’s 100% confirmed.
lidl quality

I have contacted Lidl Belgium, the response was to take the batteries back within 30 days after purchase to get a refund…
They did not mention anything about the bad quality of the cells.

So these terrible “2400mAh” cells are not only sold in Belgium.

Last week i tested older Top Craft 2100mAh Ready To Use cells, and the results are still very good (bought in september 2009)
2032mAh, 1983mAh, 2004mAh and 2030mAh, that is almost the same as in the first test seven years ago.
Much better than the 2400mAh Tronic cells…

I put my Tronic 2400 cells through a number of further charge/discharge cycles but there was no improvement.

Like Hobbyfotograaf I have had good results from an old pack of Tronic 2300mAh cells. For comparison purpose I charged both with the same intelligent charger and then logged the following discharge curves. I think the results are self-explanatory.


Thanks for the tests!
Good to have some data for these batteries.

The response of Lidl UK has been very similar to Lidl Belgium. They are happy to refund me but seem uninterested in my findings and have not placed the batteries on their recall list. I also spoke to Kompernass but they were very unhelpful.

By contrast the UK trading authorities seemed very interested in my findings but whether any action will be taken remains to be seen.

In Belgium we have “Test Aankoop”, they are also interested in my findings, and i told them they can still order the bad 2400mAh cells on the Lidl webshop.
They have sent my response to the persons that do the testing of batteries for them, maybe the results will be published in in their magazine in the future.

Maybe i could send a pack of 4 of these cells to HKJ, he is the expert in testing batteries.

Teardown comparison? :question:

Last week there were Tronic 2300mAh AA Ready To Use batteries at the Lidl (Belgium) for 2,99 euro/4 cells.
These are just as good as the older 2300mAh cells (much better than the 2400mAh version).

For only 2,99 euro, the 2300mAh version is a very good buy.
The testresults with the Maha were very close to 2300mAh.

I also tested the 1000mAh AAA cells, and these are also very good (charge 500mA / discharge 300mAh):
cell 1 : 988mAh
cell 2 : 998mAh
cell 3 : 1006mAh
cell 4 : 995mAh

If you see the 2400mAh version, don’t buy them, but is is safe to buy the very cheap (2,99 euro/4 cells) 2300mAh AA and the 1000mAh AAA cells.
I think Lidl knows by now that some people will check the real capacity of the nimh batteries they sell…

I bought a dozen of the Tronix AA 2300mah cells & 8 of the Tronic AAA 950 mah cells from Lidl UK just over a week ago.
I tested the AA”s, 4 each in 3 different chargers, 2 different Lii-500”s & a MAHA C9000 & got about 2,400mah per cell after the first charge
MAHA C9000

Batteries Tronic AA 2400mAh purchased: LIDI Italy 5.11.2017 - 3,99 euro/4 cells

Volt at purchase 1.28 for everyone

discharge(250mAh) - charge(300mAh) - discharge(250mAh), indication:

capacity 1 - 2363 mAh

capacity 2 - 2456 mAh

capacity 3 - 2377 mAh

capacity 4 - 2310 mAh

date of manufacture on the battery: 2017/04

weight 4 pieces: 101,7 g (~25,4 piece)

The last batches of batteries correspond to the declared characteristics.

They are on sale again so I’m going to grab a pack. I honestly dont expect much, but my 9v Tronic has been performing better than all my Vartas so perhaps they bumped up the manufacturing process for the regular AA/AAA batteries as per bbeliy’s post.

Stear clear of Eco batteries. They are complete garbage. Tronic Energy (black ones, NO eco) are actually pretty darn good.
AAA = 1000 mah
AA = 2500 mah

I bought a pack of Tronic Energy ECO AA 2400mah last week, Dated 2020/12

I weighed the 4 cells and they weigh, 119.42g or 29.855g Each.

Very Good Capacity, Tested on my MAHA C9000 at 600ma discharge.

2605mah, 2609mah, 2625mah, 2632mah

Not bad for only £2.99 for a pack of 4.

But what about their capacity?

I have not tested them yet, Stay tuned.

Very Good, Tested on my MAHA C9000 at 600ma discharge.

2605mah, 2609mah, 2625mah, 2632mah