Trusted UK\EU merchant for 20mm copper star XHP70.2?


Where do people go these days for led emitters on a 20mm copper star?

I’m looking for a white 6v XHP70.2.

All the usual UK retailers do sell this emitter, but not on a copper star, and when it is on a star, it’s usually configured for 12v.

The only two places I’ve found are Ebay and KD. KD has a selection, but they’re just drop shippers, which means anything could turn up in the post.

There are no listings on the BST sub forum, unless I’ve missed it.


KD are better than you think, mistakes do get made but i’ve not personally had anything turn up that wasn’t as ordered and i’ve ordered a fair bit. But if things don’t go as planed BanL on here can help sort out any issues you do have.
When he’s back up and running you can try LED4POWER (, though i don’t recall seeing any XHP related stuff.

OK, thanks.

Mtn electronics has them, but shipping may be expensive. They are a US-based seller, but do ship internationally.

Mouser is a distributor for Cree, (and basically everything else), they’re based in Munich, they have xhp70.2 on copper star, but I would buy there only if I really cared about the exact bin and if I needed a bunch.
6v copper 70.2 is all over AliExpress if you don’t mind waiting, it’s hard to imagine you won’t find everything you need… and ofc, don’t buy a brick :smiley: