Trustfire 9T6 battery choice

SO I got a TF 9T6 at the Wallbuys sale, and the only 26650’s I have are TF flames.

Am I correct in assuming the current draw on that light is more than the TF flames can handle? I am assuming the batteries are limiting it right now.

Any other good budget choices? 26650’s are hard to find….

King Kong ICR

I see fancy flashlights has them.

Any other good dealers for that battery?

Wait…….King Kong’s are unprotected. Is that a bad idea on a 9 T6 Trustfire?

There are protected King Kongs by Keepower. Are you sure you want or need protection?

i’m using 26650’s trustfire from fasttech… they’re just fine… the light just turn it self off when it gets hot after about 45mins( using 3 batteries on high mode) :wink:

He already has Trustfire flame 26650's. They're not the best for high current draw as indicated by the 6.9A cutoff in the protection circuitry.

King Kong ICR does well even at 10A.

If you want a crazy amount of current, the A123 26650 will do 30A.

ooh… where can i get those A123 batteries?

A123 never officially sold these batteries direct, so they're harder to find. I'd like to think their reluctance to do business with small businesses and individuals is why they failed. China is so much smarter about this, and it appears the German company Enerpower is too.

Enerpower does 7A well with a cutoff at 8.4A. They're on this forum right now trying to set up a direct sale. A very smart move. They even admit that this is to garner interest at a low level that hopefully trickles up into large scale orders. I wish American businesses were as accommodating to Americans.

Looks like you can get those A123 26650’s on eBay. Not sure if they are legit or not. 2300 mAh for a 26650 is kindof weak tho….

It's very strong. It's like a powerlifter, and other higher capacity 26650's would be like a bodybuilder. The best powerlifters are far stronger than the biggest bodybuilders, but the powerlifter can't perform at lower levels as long as the bodybuilder.

If you check out my review you need to be careful about what batteries you buy for the 9xt6.

The keeppower protected’s don’t allow the tailcap to be screwed down fully.

You need protected 26650’s that are around 68mm in length MAX….

Keeppowers are 70.25.

Good luck.

iirc, the TF Flames will not provide enough current, right?

No they will work just fine.

I use Trustfire flames in my 9xT6. They work fine. I always worry about using them in such a high drain device, but no explosions yet :slight_smile: