Trustfire AK-47 9*XM-L LED Flashlight

Does anyone have experience with this monster?

TrustFire AK-47 XM-L T6 9-LED

Current? Output? How much is it brighter than Trustfire TR-J18?

got one on order, just waiting for it to show up from china.


Looks extremely similar to my SkyRay 9xt6

Little different head design though.

Nice name. Ak-47 is/used to be some piece of equipment. I had one like years ago.

please report back one you get it. thanks!

pics comparo shots :slight_smile:

just got mine in, initially not that impressed but it is daylight. definitely brighter up close than the srk, but it is pulling 3.56 Amps, seems a little low for this many leds. it does not like flat tops, had to use a magnet to get it to light up. the protected keepowers 3400mah were too tall but pulled about the same amperage. what kind of amperage should a light like this be pulling? waiting now to charge up my mnke’s and will try it again this evening.


Is the center reflector on this one any deeper, than for the emitters on the outside?

the center reflector is not deeper, all the emitters on the same plane however the reflector itself is larger.


Thanks for the response. I'm a bit torn on which one to get. I guess I'll wait until my wallet recovers a bit from the holidays.

I’ve been kicking around getting another 9x T6. I love my Skyray, but the reflector on this one is interesting. Although my Skyray 9x T6 has a great beam, I like the idea of the Trustfire’s reflector, which is much more uniform. Anyone have any beam shots of this light or any additional information that hasn’t been posted yet? Besides, these light are very easy to upgrade with a KD driver should you feel the need.

i have been having some issues getting the ak47 to run reliably, flat tops, button tops, magnets, works for a while than stops. finally today i disassembled it, adjusted the depth of the pill in the head, readjusted the threaded spring cover plate ( threaded alum plate with a hole in the center and a brass cap that fits over the top of the spring.) put my mnke’s back in and voila, it works again! finally adjusted so that it works with the tailcap fully tightened down. so, can someone verify my math that this light is working on high at ~3.6W/led?


So it is drawing 3.56 amps off of 3 batteries?

**yes, 3 mnke 26650

Hi Nqcken, Where did you purchase yours from?

So it’s not driven very hard…
Under load, figure those cells probably drop to about 3.8V… So…

3.56 A * 3.8 V * 3 Cells = 40.584 Watts being pulled from the cells

Assume 80% efficiency in the driver

40.584 * 0.8 = 32.467 Watts to the emitters

Divide by 9 Emitters

3.60 Watts per emitter. Far below the 10ish watt rating of an XM-L


Hey Ken,

It may be a good idea to get yourself an inexpensive lux meter. Experimenting with the Ak-47 using 3 x 26650 cells, and using varying pressure on the batteries while performing tail cap current tests, it’s possible for current to raise well past 6.5a+.

Since there are so many variations in 26650 battery length and screwing down the tailcap fully, a situation like this can possibly cause so much current to pass through the tail cap spring and or the +B driver spring, I’d say they could start to melt if used on HIGH mode for an extended period. This is a similar situation that occured with some Trustfire TR-J12 lights.

Depending on different length batteries I’ve used and tightening the tail cap down to various degrees, I’ve gotten lux readings averaging anywhere from 1350 lux –1700 lux, so my concerns are clearly shown in the lux readings. I typically use Trustfire 26650 5000mAh cells which are about 68 mm+. But most other protected batteries may be longer in length and cause the issue I’m post about here.

BTW, my Skyray 9x T6 light does not have this problem and varying pressure on the batteries has no effect on amp readings.

I just bought the TrustFire 9XT6 9 LED flashlight. I cannot BELIEVE how bright this thing is. Purportedly, 11,000 lumens, but I understand there is some debate about that.

Nor can I believe how warm the head gets after an unbelieveably SHORT period of use at high power.

Does anyone know, or can anyone tell me, how many watts does this thing draw when powered by 3x 26650’s when running at high power?

I’ve read a review at Amazon that says a 90W upgrade (with 5 output levels 10, 30, 50, 75 and 100% power) is available from … SOMEWHERE … anybody know anything about that?

The gentleman right above your post is one of the more acknowledged experts of the AK47 around here!