Trustfire MC12

After a recent purge, I have been looking for a small lightweight headlamp that could also use a primary cell. Doesn’t work on CR123.
I decided on the Manker E03H II and ordered it from overseas. While waiting I read a post about Lumintop tool being on sale at Amazon.
While trying to put enough in my cart for free shipping I came across the Trustfire MC12. Short bit of research and I removed the Tool from cart and added the MC12. Well it showed up today.!
With friends. Beam shot on LOWEST. Olight S1 MC12 TK16

First impressions.

Size and weight— Super small and weighs less then 8lbs.
Outputs— 3-60-200-1000. Seam well spaced. Get warm on 200. Hot on 1000. 60 working great for modding and around the house stuff.
Beam— TIR Strong center spot with even flood to outer edges. I noticed rings when white walling.
UI— Press on / Press off. Click to cycle level. Not my favorite but knew what I was getting into.
Has a double click from off lockout that will blink 2wice if press when locked out. Should help if pocket carried. Tap while off
lights up tail cap. Green.Red.Red flash. Battery Level
Charging— Has magnetic charging, Manual clams 2A wow. Shouldn’t take long to warm up a 16340.
Tint— Neutral ish. I can live with it. But may look into Hi CRI swap.

Just did a time lapse rundown from Hi. Then realized without some sort of timer in the frame it’s useless.
Charged from near dead to full in 55 minutes(4.15v). Don’t think that figures to be 2amps.
It doesn’t work on CR123 Primary cells. Quickly steps down and light on switch flashes red. (Heartbroken).
I have worn it for quit some time today. Honestly cant tell I have it on unless, its on :FACEPALM:
It has a fresnel lens thanks firelight2 Thanks everydaysurvivalgear for the link.

Nice review.

The fresnel lens at the front is different from most lights.

Glad to hear that tiny little light weighs less than 8 lbs. :sunglasses:

Couldn’t find my scale. Had to guess. LOL

Anyway Its not wanting to run on a Primary. Not even at the 60 lumen level. It steps down to low. Looking over the manual to see if I missed something.

Its a cool looking light.
It might have a low voltage protection at 3v? The primaries are only at 3v max?

Here is the Aliexpress page it has all the specs.
TrustFire MC12 EDC Leistungsstarke LED Taschenlampe 1000Lumen Magnetic Wiederaufladbare Kopf Lampe XP L HALLO Camping Taschenlampe Flash Licht|LED-Taschenlampen| - AliExpress*

I found this.
C12 also support to use primary batteries:3v CR123A Lithium battery in emergency(but please do not charge CR123A).

Hey thanks for the link. I am sure you seen the photo of the compatible batteries. It clearly shows a Trustfire CR123A. They go to say that other light wont work on CR123A cells but there light does.

If they only have low. Then there light doesn’t work any better. My DW3R1 work much better on a CR123 then the Trustfire MC12.

The Acebeam Tk16 works on both and works good on both.

I really liked this light. Main reason I bought it was its CR123 support. I think there add is very misleading.

Is it a dud cell maybe?

Send it back or speak to Amazon CS they might refund you and let you keep the light as its false advertising.

Chuckled at “weighs less than 8 lbs.” Kind of reminds me of those funny Amazon reviews that you hear about and read. Especially the ones on the Haribo bears.

Ha… I really want this light to be what it says it is. I hope I have a broke light. My TK16 has been slowly sucking the life out of
a Primary for the past week. I find it satisfying.