Trustfire MC18 - Short Body 18650 Headlamp Disassembly

I’ve got a “short body” or “short tube” 18650 headlamp - the Trustfire MC18. The battery tube goes in behind the emitter and under the top cap switch.

Trustfire has agreed to replace the headlamp due to a dead switch.

I’ve pulled the switch cover and can see the switch chip. It does appear melted or burnt on one side.

How do I remove it or the emitter? The bezel for the switch was press-fit, but the bezel for the emitter/lens is much tighter.

The switch itself is another mystery. Is it screwed in? Glued in?

Determined that the driver is attached to the switch board via a riser. Similar to the Sofrin SP40.

What is all this foam around the driver and how do I remove it?

Also, how do I remove the lens bezel? Is common practice to just stick it in a vice and pry it apart?

I feel your pain :smiley:

Nevermind, I was able to get the lens bezel off. I also scrapped away the foam.

It seems like the guts are held in place by the charging port/pad on the back of the HL. The LED is also connected via riser to the board. No wires to be found anywhere inside.

Real Crapfire WTFtech! :smiley:

Guys, i had a problem w/ my trustfire mc18. I was using it on turbo mode and it was too hot, I had the fool idea to cool down with water under faucet lol. It begun to blink and now the led doesnt work…I contacted the warranty and waiting for some answer about. how can I open the switch button cover?

Hello PHeller!
I must thank you for the work you have done!!
Now it’s clear that the frames are pressed into the body, and not screwed in! But it remains unknown what tool you used. Looking at the photographs, it is not obvious that excessive effort was applied. I tried using a thin knife, but the frames do not open, maybe I need to hit it lightly with a hammer?

p.s. Please forgive me, I’m from Odessa, and I’m writing using Google translator.