Trustfire Mini-02 with Nitecore RCR-123a battery

I just received both the TF Mini-02 from Fasttech and the Nitecore RCR-123a and the battery seems very snug for the Mini-02. When I insert it into the battery compartment it gets really snug the further in I put it. When I try to put the battery in the opposite way, it seems like the head (+) is too big to fit inside of the light. My battery right now is getting torn up using pliers to pull the battery out. It’s also getting worn all over from pressure from inserting into a really snug flashlight body. I’ve read numerous people using this battery and light combination and was wondering if there is some sort of tweak I can do to make them both fit.

Yours could just be on the low end of tolerances for inner diameter.
You could ask for a replacement, or, uh, bore it out a little :stuck_out_tongue:

The Mini-01 and 02 I own both have an inside diameter of 16.95mm. Yours is likely the same.
Your protected RCR123A battery is the same diameter due to the positive (+) metal strip that runs down the side of the cell from the top to the protection circuit mounted on the bottom of the battery.
That increased diameter from the thickness of the strip can’t be helped.
Sometimes the metal bottom plate that covers the protection circuit is larger than required and it plus the thickness of the wrapper becomes the pinch point.

Back in January I had my Mini-01 accidentally turn on in my front right pants pocket and by the time I noticed it the unprotected AW IMR battery was so hot it’s red wrapper had melted slightly at the base of the cell. Not good.

I used a small sanding drum and a cordless drill to remove enough steel from the inner tube walls to allow protected cells to fit. Took slightly longer than I thought but it was well worth it and now I have peace of mind being able to use protected cells.

I had the same problem when I got this battery in my mini-01, its because of the metal plate on the side of the battery.

Me too. If you insert it multiple times it will no longer getting stuck in the bottom and the light will work normally but the wrapper will be slightly damaged and its a little harder to use the light.
I prefer using Trustfire IMR 16340 for this light, it works better.

I just measured an Xtar protected 16340 @16.6mm and has an adhesive label that can be peeled off for a tiny bit more clearance.