Trustfire P7

Deal or no deal? (I'm at work and can't figure out why it won't hyperlink - I apologize)

Looks like sku 24974 at DX which sells for $40.41.

Hyperlink works just fine for me. The price is good at 19.90, but shipping seems to be a bit expensive (19.99 to USA and 29.99 to EU)

Not so much $19.99 + shipping of $19.99 is more or less the same price as DX.

The postage costs are obviously a lie just to reduce eBay fees payable on the sale price...either that or they are just sending it in a stupid way.

There is no such thing as a 1000 lumen P7 though.

I didn't catch the shipping fees. I've heard sellers do that to lower the fees they pay to ebay.

Don, that's what I thought but since I'm still learning I wanted to hear from you experienced guys. I suppose as a general rule of thumb, can I assume that any deal on ebay won't beat ordering the item myself from DX, KD, Manafont, etc?

And eBay is trying (but not very hard) to stop the practice.

You are right, it is all about eBay fees.

I always give very negative feedback to people who do this.

If you don't get the item or it is not what you ordered you get the "purchase price" back - but not the postage charge.

The "postage" covers the cost of the item, their profit, and the postage.

If the postage from HK or China is more than $5 (And that is for something weighing more than 1kg) avoid.

The shipping charge is fraudulent, and so is the whole listing probably.

I refuse to pay the inflated shipping and handling charges that many (most?) eBay sellers ask for.

If the shipping is more than the item, be very, very suspicious.

Good advice. Never looked from that perspective. Thanks for the heads up!