TrustFire R5-A3 5-Mode Conversion (New version driver)

I know this isn't as good as 3 modes with no strobe but at least it gives us a medium mode. I tried every pin configuration to get the 3 mode no flashies but it just isn't there to activate. Anyway this does give us medium which I would say is very important for running 14500's. All you do is get access to the back of the driver and remove the solder bridge on pins 2 and 3 of the uC.

Notice in the picture below that the chip on the right has pins 2 and 3 soldered together. All you need to do is remove this solder and the torch has 5 modes.

Did you try this mod or did you not get the KD version.

Can you post some pics please?

Ok I got the pics posted.

This is the mod for the new DX version of this torch. I did not get the KD version.