TrustFire S-A2 Question

Does anyone have this light?

I put a L91/Eneloop in it and it runs really hot. It's extremely bright with good throw for it's size. I had the SkyRay S-A1 with an XP-E R2, although it was much nicer looking externally it was nowhere near as bright as my S-A2 on any mode and but it didn't get as warm. Did a ceiling bounce test/throw test. The XP-C "Q5" blew the Skyray XP-E out of the water and evaporated it. I quoted "Q5" because I believe the highest actual bin is Q4.

Anyone have the S-A2? Is it normal to run hot? Very warm to touch but not skin burning. If I think of a comparison of how later I'll post. I plan on getting more of the S-A2 because of this but I just want to be sure mine is not special or defective. I know for a fact the skyray is not defective. I wish the skyray had the driver/emitter/modes the S-A2 had. It be my perfect light.

So do yours run hot? I want to get opinions before I get more. Since it was my only S-A2 I was a bit afraid to run it a long time. It ran for about minutes on high. And when I turned it back on didn't appear to lose brightness or anything Worked great, seemed as bright. Nothing burned out. Is it safe to say I cna leave it on high if I ever need to?

Also, anyone know where to get these stateside with the XP-C? Or cheapest place overseas? I gave up on DX they took 3 months to ship out and shipped ou X-Mas day, and I recently had to file a paypal claim because they would not ship out my new order S-A2. Any idea on a good palce to get it would make me happy!

Thanks again guys for any help!

I had one and sold it. It's a great little light mine was ordered from DX and it said Q5 but when I got it mine was an XPG R5. Mine had the same pill and modable driver as the R5-A3. If you have the nerve to open it up you can switch it to a 3 mode low,medium, high.

I don't recall mine getting very hot maybe a tail cap measurement can provide some more incite into what's going on.

Also the pill fits in a stainless Ultrafire C-3 which is were mine now resides.

I have one and yes, it gets very warm when on high for more than a few minutes. I wouldn't say hot but I usually hold it in my hand so maybe that's where a part of the heat goes. I don't use it very often though because of faulty mode memory and annoying PWM in low mode.

I think DX has the best price, but you could also try priceangels. I have ordered mainly knives from them in the past and they are not excitingly fast with shipping but everything arrived in good condition.

PS It has an even better output if you combine it with a C3-extension tube to make it 2 x AA but

It's almost as bright as my Terralux 220s with the XP-C.

Where can i get the extension? Thst sounds neat id love to have that.

Got mine from DX.

Alternatively there is also the C3 2 x AA set which might be a better offer if you like the C3.

Faulty mode memory? Was yours defective? I need to check mine out. I think it's turns on on the last mode I turned it off on. Is that what you meant? I really like this light, and it's hotspot. Do you guys know anything better then this?

Like maybe the Tank007 TK-568 orTK-566? I love these little bright lights. I don't mind an hour runtime as long as it's as bright at my Energizer 110 ANSI e2 Lithium 2AA flashlight.

Try the Trustfire R5-A3 super bright XPG R5

I second the R5-A3, you will love it.

I agree output and beam pattern of the S-A2 are very nice (and I like the form factor). The problem with my S-A2 (first batch from DX) is that it comes back on always in the next mode after being turned off unless you wait for more than ~ 8 minutes. After 8 minutes or so it always starts in high. Therefore, because I use the light mostly in low/medium mode, it almost always turns on in the wrong mode for me i.e. strobe or high. It now sleeps in my "projects" box until I can find an inexpensive 15 mm 3-mode, no blinky, mode memory boost driver.

I like the tank 566 much better than the 568.. basicly the same light the 568 is slicker and an odd shape it just feels dumb in your hand ..

the 566 is one of my favorite lights they make it in the older xre q4's still and the new ones have a xpg r5.. the 5 modes are nice because the low is very very low which for budget lights is unusual ....and desirable . has the ability to add a 2$ tube to it to make it a2 AA light ....twice the runtime and a bit brighter too .. one of my top ten favorite cheap /budget lights .

sa-2 i liked the super knurling but didn't like the sharp tail or bezel ..i didn't care much for the r5-a3 for the same reason .. dumb switch and the light feels clunky

Thanks! I also like the 556 much better the 568 which looks weird. I think those maybe on my happy list of lights. The R5A3 for me doesn't really give me the beam profile I like due to the XPG simply, I like to have that higher surface brightness for more throw. I wouldn't mind the XR-E Q4, still has higher surface brightness. I don't mind rings and the S-A2 on has a nice beam, at least on mine it does. I already ordered the 2AA extension for the S-A2. I am just a bit surprised it is almost as bright as my TerraLux LightStar 220.

I have one somewhere. I haven't played with it for a while. I remember liking it.