TrustFire ST-50/ST-80

Brand /model: TrustFire/ SST-50

Bulbs/mode: Luminus LED Bulbs / 5 mode (brightness high 100% -- middle 50% -- Low 25% -- brightness Strobe -- SOS)

3 switch Mode for ST-80: Strong Brightness / Normal Brightness / Flashing

Luxeon: 1300 LM

Power by : 2x 18650 3.7v Battery

Material: aluminum alloy

Size(mm): 230(L) X 56(D) X 28(D)

Weight(g):340/ 360

Switch: Tailcap On/Off

Price: ~$70

What do you think about this ? Is there any better SST-50 flashlight under $100 ?

At that price you could get a XTAR TZ50 if you want HA and a bit more compactness (dual and single 18650 option) and the SST-50. Its a perfect olight clone. However it is driven a bit conservatively and does about 617 Lumen in dual 18650 (the drain is around 2,6A at tailcap).

Otherwise it would be best if we knew what are you looking for?

I`m looking for the best budged (under $100) SST-50 flashlight. I need maximum lumens and maxumum throw - (beam range) .

Would like to help, but i can't reccomend the TZ50 if you look for a thrower light. No other personal experience with SST-50 for now.

This one would qualify for all but the emitter type requirement if it really must be SST-50 or 90.

Very high lumen count and very thrower don't go really hand in hand (in reasonable price range). A good thrower with SST-50 can be quite expensive and not a lot throwy...

The lumen claims are ludicrous for an SST-50. You'd need an SST-90 driven at 10 or so amps to get that sort of output. With luck, an SST-50 might be a third of that. Now that the XM-L has arrived I can't see the SST-50 being on the market much longer.

Indeed, also fueling the SST's at full potential with few 18650 can be potentially unsafe. Mayn underdirve those SST's . Reason being, cheaper drivers, heatsinking problems, cell requirement, and maybe safety concern along with the ability of claiming better runtime.

Long live XM-L!

Dolphin, i would advise you to reconsider your options. You can't have a very bright and very thrower light for cheap. Going into HID territory that changes but so does the expenses... radically...

If a thrower you want, the MRV is quite good and cheap. Just recieved mine and im impressed. There is room for tweaking if you want. That kind of light would go up to 350lumens (guesstimate) if overdriven hard and with a very good r2 in it.

But all depends what you would need the light for and how many lumens you want, althrough for throwers it may be best to look at lux at a defined distance perhaps.

Tell us more, we might help you better.

If you want something like this:

Well... that is in X000USD range, if i recall right around 5000usd... and it is not even led... (HID)

I would love to get one of these just for a nice looking host, but it'd have to come cheap. Anyone here got one to get rid of? I don't care if it doesn't work electrically but has to be a clean, non-beater host.


Dolphin, i would advise you to reconsider your options. You can't have a very bright and very thrower light for cheap. Going into HID territory that changes but so does the expenses... radically...

still love my POB HID very heavy unpractical but pretty cheap and a crazzzy trower

For now I plan to get TrustFire ST-50 and to modify it . I like its cooling fins. I will change the SST-50 LED with XM-L. This for example:

I can change and the driver if it is necessary:

I also were thinking of buying a good double battery body, adding a driver and an XML to build my own big XML light, but then the total expense reached almost a $100 and I ordered Fenix TK35 instead :)

Yes the TK35 is good light but it`s a little overpriced in my opinion ! For more about 20-40 $ you can get EagleTac M3C4 XM-L , Olight M3X , Trunite Catapult XM-L or JetBeam M1xm ...

I googled for all those mentioned but i cannot unglue my eyes off the fenix tk35. Never liked much the rest. Actually is the only repurable brand name light that makes me want to spend the money on.

Too bad there is no clone of it yet in any form even in DIY parts to build from scratch which would be awesome.

I found one (TK35 I mean) for $100 at Hkequipment BTW. I just made an offer to an EBay sale, and they accepted it. There I were owing a $100 in the morning :)

Congratulations! Im silently hoping for a review. :P

I also envy you. :)

My wife kills me if i get one.

Thanks a lot. My wife usually tells me to get the best one at first so that I don't pay much to find the way up. She usually is right like now, I've spent more than $500 to flashlights and have only one Fenix :)

There are advantages to not having a wife. My assistant never complains as long as I feed her and take her for walks every day. But she can't read, or write, or speak which helps a lot.

just in a different language. she looks like a very nice pup.

Let me share some of my experience with my TrustFire ST-80 modification

The original LED was Luminus SST-50. The produced lumens and beam range were OK ! When I learned about the new Cree XM-L LED I decided to try it.

I changed the original LED with this:

The color tint is very good. I expected to be more bluish. But the light is neutral white. It is under these 6000K maybe about 4500-5000K. It`s very similar to this of the original SST-50 LED. The beam spot is much more concentrated !

The lumens are clearly visible more than before ! The throw is definitely bigger probably 30-40%. I used the original 3-mode driver.The current that provides the driver is ~4A@3,45v at the LED. Its efficiency was about 80% with the SST-50 LED and it`s about 90% with the XM-L LED.

I tried and this 5-mode driver:

It gives about 3,85 A. But I prefer the driver with fewer modes.

Between the LED "star" and brass "head" I put Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound for better heat transfer.

Unfortunately I do not have beamshots for now.

Finally I can recommend this modification to everyone who is interested in a cheaper alternative to elite models like TK35,Catapult,M1xm and so on.

The total price is under $90 with the batteries and the charger

More about this and photos you can find here:

Nice mod. The extra throw doesn't surprise me, but I figure the lumen output would be similar @ 4A.

And Welcome to BLF, boboweb!

Aloha and welcome to BLF boboweb!