Trustfire T2... Awesome little EDC

First let me be clear… I am not shilling, shucking, or anything else that involves any ‘ing’ of any sort. My motives for buying this were much simpler. Gords has one of these, & I failed to con him out of it. It’s not expensive… Nor is it going to compete with the BTU or TK75. There will be no 500 yard beam shots done by Brad with this… SORRY. That makes many wonder why I wasted my money I am sure… The answer? Because it’s SHINY!!! J)
For a inexpensive EDC… I think this little light is hard to beat. I have seen numerous ratings on the lumens… From 800 to 300. Not sure what the actual is… But it’s a very attractive design & with the forward clicky located right behind the head of the light. Very practical. It uses 1 18650, Has 5 modes, & has a tripod mount on the rear. But here’s A look…

Emitter & Reflector

Great little light… Well worth checking into, especially if looking for a nice EDC on a limited budget. Below are the manufacturers specs


Brand: TrustFire
Model: T6
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree
Emitter BIN: XP-G-R5
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 1
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650
Battery included: No
Voltage Input: 3~4.2V
Circuitry(mA): 1200mA
Brightness(lumen): 380
Runtime(at high mode)minute: 2~3h (manufacturer rated)
Modes: 5
Mode Memory: High > Mid > Low > Fast Strobe > SOS
Mode Arrangement: Yes
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Barrel Side
Lens: Glass Lens
Reflector: Aluminum Textured/OP
Carrying Clip: No
Carrying Strap: Yes
Features: Hard anodized finish

“Hey, I still got parts from two different lights. Let´s see if I can make it one working light…”

*runs away

I like your background/ground foil. Where´s that from?

awesome little light, just don’t keep it in a tight trouser pocket. …

easily modded too, stock they pull about 2a so they are quite the little edc thrower with the larger than average reflector, this is what set me off on my xp-g/g2 kick and it was my first nw build if modding, you need a one sided nanjg and you have to stack chips, I just wish the tail threads were anodised, it’d be perfect, I might try a solarforce clip so it can go in an inside jacket pocket for dress edc duties.


I just tried a Solarforce clip… Doesnt work

it using a side switch….nice :bigsmile:

I wasnt that interested till I saw where the switch was… Very unique light.

saves me buying one lol, I could fold one and use a tripod screw to mount it I guess.

Thats why I tried it… Figured if it didnt work, no sense wasting your $$

true, I can waste enough on solicitors fee’s :expressionless: wish they’d hurry the hell up.

**omg. I was wondering what the heck that thing on the end was. tripod mount is way cool to have. that just made this light pretty amazing for me. got one from the wb sale and thought it was pretty nice. it does get pretty warm fast. thanks for the heads up on the mount thingy

Remove the forward lens tailstand it & use it like a candle… Saw that in a video… Pretty cool


BTW, I think that this light has memory. Not the “bad” ‘next mode memory’, but the “good” memory. I haven’t figured out if you have to wait with the light on, or wait with the light off, for the memory, but it definitely remembers the last mode.

Also, did a quick lux measurement (still going lux measure crazy with the new meter), and got 5359 lux @ 1 meter (477 @ 3.352 meters).



Thanks for that! I couldn’t figure what that was. How the heck did you? Also, BTW, if it’s a tripod mount, that means you’d have to use it with the tripod head pointed 90 degrees parallel with the ground?

was a flexible mount that wrapped around a post…

hi dale
mind if you tear it up?want to see the inner of this beauty :bigsmile:

LOL! You’re new huh? Dale doesnt tear up lights. He did once…. A BTU…. It didnt go well for Dale…Sorry… No tearing up without a experienced flashlight Doc onhand.

sorry about that 0:)
would you please tell me if the + battery using a spring or not?a picture will do :stuck_out_tongue:

no spring… Brass contact with plastic bushing to center battery