TrustFire TR-1200 5*Cree Q5-WC 1200-Lumen 5-Mode Memory LED Flashlight-20%off from FP

TrustFire TR-1200 5*Cree Q5-WC 1200-Lumen 5-Mode Memory LED Flashlight

Original Price:$36.87

After discount:$30.39

From Oct20th- Oct24th


Brief review of this kind:


1.great beam of light

2.Throws well and also have a good spill

3.Solidly and looks beautifully,good value of metal


1.not well build

2.plastic lens


Hope all this can help you


Candy no one will buy this. It's old

I feel so sorry ,I am new to this, Always I try my best to choose some products ,but this time seems failed again..

I will do best to select more good and new products for you in near future

Really? I actually quite like my TR-1200. I think it is a good light for the money.

If it has the good driver in it, it is well worth $30.

Thanks for trying Candy! We appreciate your efforts!

Thanks for understanding!

The TR 1600 6 q5 is an awesome light and I rate it better than my skyray 3xml and on par with my x9. So I imagine the 5 q5 is also a great light.

The deal breaker is it only can handle 2x 18650 not 3x18650. The 3 x version are around $35 @ DX and MF

the TR-1200 3 x 18650 my wife brought me from DX for $34.50 AUD was well made for the price and had a glass lens, its one of my fav lights will realy throw even though most people think it will not and it puts out great spill and i like the cool white tint

The TR-1200 I have is one of my favorite throwers.

Yes, different people have different tastes...

It's hard not to like a light that can do this down your street. And that will smoke my car lights.

does yours have a plastic lens and does it drop in brightness after 10 mins ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS as going by the discription and reveiw of this torch it does and has.

Meritline has this for the same price $29.99 with free shipping everyday.

Mine has a glass lens and I don't think you can tell much difference in brightness after 10 min.


We do appreciate it and I can't imagine any other sellers being up front with cons. In my book that makes you a class act and I'd be happy to purchase from you if the product was up my alley. :)


Yeah mine from DX has a glass lens the extra battery tube and driver suited for 3 x 18650 with constant current and it does not drop in brightness with run’s of up to 85 mins but cost 4 bucks more, worth it if you ask me.

Two products, which could be bought at the moment on focalprice for a good price:

Trustfire TR1600 XM-L: $27,79

or the Ultrafire C3 (Q5 Version with holster) for $7,99 (the sale ends in 5 hours)

Hi gorann:

I will updates discounts of FP in this thread , hope you can pay more attention