Got an email with a sale on Trustfire TR-J12 5*XML for $50.23 USD on Aliexpress. 8 LEFT at this price

link :

Tempting...Price is great, even if just to harvest the XML's and use the body for modification.


Its gone back up to $83.75

LOL! Too good to be true.

oh well, I decided not to get it anyway. Kinda weird though. I wondered if those all sold out?

yep sold out there was 10 at that price , I grabbed 2

They just wanted to clear out the older inventory with the driver problems.

The newer models have been corrected and are now driven much harder.

Ahhh, just kidding. I'm just mad I missed out on this!!!!!!!!


lol... I've been thinking about a 3T6... but at that price, I would have gone for the J12 in a heartbeat!

I got on it- just.

Mine arrived yesterday and I picked it up today. Damn fast post. 3.55 A at the tail on two 18650's. I think I like it more than the dry

thanks 33696933

I wish I had bought 2 at that price

your welcome , mine got here damn fast on Tuesday . probably should have bought more

You both suck, I missed this and want one, lol.

It seems the deal is back on at $54.44 each and the seller has plenty of stock. I'm kind of over super floody lights, but I don't have anything in my collection quite like this one. My finger is on the trigger. Advice?

That is damned tempting....

Jump on it. I couldn't be happier with mine.

Videos here and here.

Favorable reviews on Manafont.

Tint looks very white ~6000Kish

Pretty decent throw for a multi-XML torch.

Isn't 3.55 amps really low for 2 x 18650's as with my TR-J12 brought from manafont I'm getting 6.5 amps on 2 panisonic NRC18650A'S. My DDM is normally a under reader so my driver could be faulty but it puts out some dam light

Isn't this an incredible deal? I'm ready to jump, but i need to figure out the battery situation. What is everyone using for the 26650 batteries and charger? I'm hoping to get a killer light/charger/26650battery combination for <$80.