Trustfire TR-J12 XHP50 mod

5 x xhp50 6v in series
3 x 26650 batteries

What do you think about this mod, whether it is worth doing?

Hey mate it sounds good. How many lumens are hoping to get?
Do you already have the host can it handle the heat?
You could get the same performance out of a triple XHP-70 setup.
Are you going to run the LEDs in series or parallel?

I hope that will be 5 x 2000 lumens, about 10000 lumens.
Now I have TR-J12 with this driver
It is about 4000 lumens, few minutes on high power mode heat is not a problem but this driver have only 17v otuput, it is not enough for 5 xhp50 6v led in series.
That driver has 30V output and 3A per led.

I cannot pair TR-J12 with xhp70 it is bigger size and reflector would be a problem.

Yea it’s a boost driver so you will have to make up 16 volts difference if used in series configuration . If you can make at least 2500 lumens each led it would be worth it. If you kept these LEDs are they xml2? You could get 7500 lumen from the light running direct drive.

It is XM-L T6, and I think with this leds I have maximum which may have 4000lumens.

Stock at 3amp each they will be able to do 5250 lumens but driven harder they can do much more. So if you want to build the xhp50 aim for high figures.