TrustFire X100 A bit of underwater lighting!

Im new here and dont really know much about all this stuff, but i just want to show you guys how im putting my light to good use for my photography.

The picture at the dock is amazing.

Very cool. It's always nice to see some in-camera effects, as everything seems to be photoshopped these days...

I love nighttime long exposure stuff… absolutely my favorite.

Good job!

Too cool !

Thanks for sharing .

You have some great photos there, Ryan!

Looking through many of your pics!
Amazing work and shots!

Thanks Guys, Its took years of practice and a lot of trial and error!

great photo

Good job! Please continue. :)

Great shots! Your photos have affirmed the validity of my rationale of ordering a TrustFire X-100. And I can’t wait for my X-100 to arrive. :bigsmile:

Thanks, I think you wont be disappointed! Its quite a large torch but as long as you can deal with that then it will be cool. Enjoy!