Trustfire x6 successfully modded by E1320 to pull 11.4A on high!

Hi guys today E1320 did it again he successfully modded my x6 to pull 11.4A with a new driver i purchase of kaidomain. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Ones again thankyou E1320 for your work and expertise! Here is a copy of what the engineer E1320 wrote to me:

I just finished your light.

Just an FYI I have an engineering degree and I have worked as a mechanic my entire adult life. The last 10 years I was the lead night shift mechanic for a Biotech company so I have lots of electrical experience. I got your light apart without breaking or damaging anything. I drilled 3 holes in the dummy plate and used a dent puller to get it out so it looks exactly the way it did when you sent it no dings dents scratches or any sign it has been tampered with. You cannot tell it from stock until you turn it on and when you do holy shit. It pulls 5.6 amps with 2 Panasonic CGR1865CH batteries these are rated for 10 amps each so that’s 11.2 amps to the emitter it’s a fucken white laser I have never seen a single emitter light this bright. I am totally blown away by this light it pulls .155 on low, 1.7 on medium and 5.6 on high with 2 batteries so corrected for 2 batteries that’s .3 amps on low, 3.2amps on medium and 11.2 amps on high. With 3 batteries it pulls .16 amps on low, 1.17amps on medium and 3.8 amps on high. Corrected for 3 batteries it’s .48 on low, 3.51amps on medium and 11.4amps on high.

You have your self quite the flame thrower here. I need to get one of these for myself were is the best place to buy one?

Is the x6 a sst-90? If so where did you get it? :D

What driver did you use and what led is it driving? A SST-90?

Hi guys i purchase my x6 used of ebay for 90 dollars. It used the sst-90 emmiter and here is a link to the driver i purchase:

Oh my, I have a x6 sitting in my living room. Don’t use it much, but it is one of my favs.

Do you have a Fenix TK70 to compare it to?

WOW! :open_mouth:

I wonder how this compares to an Olight SR91

Sorry i dont i’m new to the flashlight world and so far here is a list of what i have so far:

trustfire x6 modded
trustfire tr-j18

Thanks chris. I just registered at Kaidomain and am about to order driver.

Ok, driver ordered. For those interested, here is where I purchased my light about a year and a half ago.

I want one of those now!!!

Holy cow. :D Been thinking about an SST90 light run by an IMR cell, too.. but I think heat is an issue.

Talk about an epic light. I reckon E has just started a frenzy (again). Any chance of some beam shots when you have it back in your hands? Thanks for sharing.


You can tell you friend that he could by these lights and mod them to these specs, then sell them. I for one would be in! A sucker for a power house SST-90!

SR90 is 100mm head diameter.
X6 is 80mm. This modded X6 probably is driven slightly more. The lens probably cuts some 5-7% more light.

No way the X6 can outthrow the SR90. Maybe just slightly under the TK70 or at best same league?

TK70 would be able to maintain the lumens better, i mean this forum is extremely familar with how triple XM-L works. The SR90 already sags even with that huge body. Check out the reviews.

My TrustFire X6
SST-90 de-domed
2A at tailcap 3x18650 (stock driver)
4 meters = 4850 lux
1320 mA at tailcap 3x18650
4 meters = 5400 lux
Both are hard to set better spot.
And modded some aspherics lenses…… more to come

Hi Chris

When you do get the flashlight back, please give us some beamshots between your X6 and TR-J18.


With your X6 only driven at 6A, there is tons of room for improvement at 11A. I’d love to see a lux reading with this new driver in one.

SST-90 tops out at 9A.

VPT and similar hotrods use copper direct bonding to extract performance in the 14-15A range, but seriously tapering off already. (think stock VPT would be 13A thereabouts)
These buggers run pretty hot compared to XM-Ls.

Check this out :
(there’s an aspheric in there)

I’m sure that SST-90 in TrustFire X6 is not N or P bin.

I bought this host for next round LED and aspherics setup :wink:

Tailcap current draw its not an additive measurement. So 2 cells in series drawing 5.6A at the tailap is going to be exactly that, a 5.6A draw. Its incorrect to multiply the measurement by the cell count. Sames goes for 3S cells drawing 3.8A at the tailcap.

With series battery configurations the voltage of each cell is added together, not the current.

Not to dampen your excitement though. The SST90 is an impressive LED when its driven to capacity. I have been wanting to try this mod on a TR-J10. Sounds like a great DIY!!