TrustFire X8 XM-LT60 Head upgrade, any suggestions?

Hello! Im new on here and new to things shiny and bright :) So please go easy on me and keep it simple!

I have recently ordered a TrustFire X8 XM-LT60, what I would like to know is can you upgrade the head on it to cut out as much of the spill as possible, so its just purely the spot as much as possible?

Any help would be greatly appretiated.



Hmmm, maybe I should have asked/looked about a bit before I ordered, I can see this getting slightly addictive and very expensive.

How does the FandyFire 'STL-V6 CREE XM-LT6' compare to the 'Trustfire X8 XM-LT60' for throw, tight beam and lack of spill?

Hi drillerkiller, from what I have read here, the STL-V6 throws even farther and brighter than the Trustfire X8. However, the Trustfire X8 has the advantage of working in shorty mode with 1x18650.

Hi sb56637, thanks for the reply! Typical that :( the risk of spur of the moment purchases I suppose, I might do a bit of research, may a back up thrower might be called for :) Any links you can suggest comparing the two side by side??

Many Thanks


Hey Neil, sure thing, here's a side-by-side comparison of the X8 and the STL-V2 (identical to the STL-V6) that user 2100 posted on another thread:

Here's some more links for the X8:

And for the STL-V2 / STL-V6:

Basically, it sounds like the X8 is still no slouch. Great quality and great throw, from what they all say. And I would really like the option to run with a single 18650 battery.

Another possible option might be the STL-V3:

I'm personally trying to decide between one of the following:
Original Trustfire X8 (recent price drop to $48.50)
Uniquefire UF-X8 (apparently a clone of the Trustfire X8 for $37.70)
Sipik HK70 (apparently a clone of the Trustfire X8 for $35.49)
Uniquefire V2 (apparently a clone of the STL-V2 / STL-V6 for $45)
Uniquefire V3 ($41.64)
Sky Ray STL-V3 ($42.70)
(You can find most of these models at other stores besides Manafont, but I personally am going to buy from Manafont because I have some points I am going to use for a discount)

which one is the x8 :)

Oops, left out that detail. :) Left side, according to the source:

Like many others here, I have both and even though I really like the STL, I probably use my X8 twice as much.

This is kind of like arguing which is better, a Porsche or a Ferrari. They both have their pros and their cons, depending on what you want to use them for (road vs. track, etc), but the reality is both will still most likely outperform 98%+ of all other cars on the road.

You may be wondering why I like the X8 so much, when the STL beats it in terms of total output and throw. Well, a few things. First of all, build quality. IMHO it's a nicer light overall. It has a quite noticeable heft to it, without being too heavy. I like the clip. The heat sinking is excellent and whenever I know I need to use a light for extended periods of time, I find myself grabbing a X8. I'm also not a huge fan of forward clickies on multi-mode lights (which the STL has and the X8 doesn't).

Having said that, if you can afford it, get both. :)

Thanks very much for the opinion. And how's regulation on the X8? And any opinion on those X8 clones I linked to? The price is right...

Oh! There is quite a noticable differance! I think the STL looks quite a bit more suitable for my purpose! Hmm, a second purchase might be in order, can i afford it this side of christmas hmmm. probably not but if i just dont go to the pub about 3 times and walk the dog a bit further that should be perfectly justified, right?

Thank you very much for your help sb56637! And everyones else :) Im finishing work early in a sec (really quiet day so been on here) but will have a better look at all the links later this eve.

Thanks again! :)


My pleasure. Let us know what you finally decide on.

I currently have a led lenser p7 and one of these

I need something getting up towards the clulite, brightness and throw it can fall quite a lot short (I have a dimmer on the clulite and going by that 3/4 power would be good) but needs to me quite a bit more than the p7, and smaller than the clulite. minimum spill and good throw and reasonably tight spot important, but not stupidly tight.


No problem. :)

To my eye, the X8 appears to be well-regulated but I never ran any actual tests. I'll see if I can break out the DMM this weekend. The X8 I use most of the time must have come from one of the first batches DX sent out, because I remember ordering it the day it showed up on DX's "New Arrivals" page. So far, it has held up pretty well. I have to admit, I probably babied it to some extent because it was my most expensive budget light at that time and I still think it's one heck of an attractive light.

Unfortunately, I don't have any personal experience with the X8 clones you mentioned. As far as I can tell, both of my X8s are identical, except the second only came with one clip and no way to attach the included lanyard (seriously, why would they ship it in a fairly nice box, at least by budget light standards, and try to cut corners on accessories that can't cost more than a dime?).

Oh, and one more thing since I believe you mentioned you lived in the tropics once: if you remove the extension tube, it works fine with a single 18650. I am 90% sure, however, that you will have to take off the clip because otherwise it gets in the way and the flashlight may no longer be entirely waterproof at that point. Nothing I'd lose any sleep over but I thought I'd mention it.

Thanks very much Oxy Moron, that helps a lot.

I have the Uniquefire UF-X8 from order... I'll keep you posted if and when it arrives.

Is the trustfire x9 not an option? I think it is definitely a beast of a 1x18650 xml thrower!

Do you know how it compares to fandyfire stl v6 which seems to be a budget beast


fandyfire (middle of the page)

Please do. :)

I'm thinking about replacing the light I keep in my car with another X8 and I'm curious if paying extra for a TF is worth it.

I took a couple pictures of all throwers I happened to have on hand for you. Unfortunately, I don't have a X8 here (Edit: X8 posted below), but maybe this will still help. Full resolution pictures are available, as always. Regular sized USB plug included for size comparison. Okay, you got me, I didn't realize it was there until I had put all the lights back on the shelf and was too lazy to retake the shot. :D

Lights in the picture from left to right: TF-1200, TF X9, STL-V2, Palight T6.

And one more:

Light top to bottom: 504b frankenlight with aspheric, WF-008 recoil thrower, UF HS-802 (all of these are single cell 18650 lights), TF-1200 in 3-cell configuration, X9 (1*18650), STL-V2 (2*18650), Palight T6 (2*18650).

HTH. :)

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The STL-V6/V2 are pretty much the undisputed kings of budget throwers. The X9 is supposed to have very similar throw, but the quality control seems to be much worse, and many are underdriven. Also the X9 is unregulated, which also reduces perceived quality.

For completeness' sake, I just went ahead and grabbed my other X8 (Edit: as shown, 2*18650). Again next to a 504b.

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Welcome to BLF! I think you purchased a great light on the X8. I've had both and if had to rebuy them again i would probably buy the X8. I think they designed it quite well. it is solidly built and it feels like it can take abuse. if i was to drop a light from a utility pole, i think the X8 would be ok. to me the V2 seemed more fragile maybe just the bigger lens. the reflector is nice and deep so the beam is pretty focused on the X8 and i think you would'nt need to remove any of the spill area. maybe you can play with aspheric lenses to focus it more. check out this link and the links in the post about aspherics.