Trustfire Z1 - order one and will write e review after revieving it

I read a lot about the Trustfire Z1 - small, bright light, nice quality. Now I want one and will buy it here and the Trustfire 16340 batteries incl. charger, too.

I will write a review about it, if I revceive it, because I do not found any here in the forum. In the past dinodirect work fine for me (all ordered things arrived in time [20-30 days, which is ok for me and normal for Hong Kong Post], the quality was good).

Now I have to wait - hope the Hong Kong Post is quick this time :)

I have the CR123 version. It's interesting that they call it a headlamp since no headband is included.

Mine is bright and the beam is very focused. I put a piece of translucent tape over the lenses however for a more diffused beam. A spot beam with a head that small isn't that useful (IMO).

Mine is being driven hard...I'm figuring about 1.4A (if I'm doing the math correctly).

I've got one and like it very much.

It's DD with 16340's, and xp-e have low Vf (and not really ideal for DD). These 123 lights really should have xr-e, because people often don't bother to buy 123a's. Mine often goes ~1.5A, both on the z1 and the skyray aa/14500 light.

I just ordered aTrustfire Z1 from Dino direct for under $13 USD 2011BLACKFRIDAY discount. I wanted a hands free pocket/belt light that was not large I already have a pair of 16340 batteries so we will see how it works out.

I forgot this thread. have my Z1 and love it (small and bright)

So give us some more info.. a little review for example!! (as you mentioned in your opening post)

By the way.. how do you like it? it looks pretty small!

Give me 2 days and the review will be online.

Yes, the light is really short (7cm), but the output is really nice.

Since I got a UFH2 I haven't used my Z1 anymore. Mostly because the beam is more of a thrower on the Z1 than the flood beam on the UFH2 which I find more useful.

My review is online

I think the z1 is ver y useful, got mine at dd before Xmas it was 12.99 ,I was gonna buy another but they went up to 14.99 so I think I will buy the olight i1 for 6 bucks more now;)