Trying to find: Budget Warm/Neutral P60 drop in

I've been looking for a budget drop in for my 6p for a while. I tend to prefer the neutral/warmer tints. So far all I have seen is the older Solarforce one that has been on sale, but I haven't found any reviews or beamshots on it.

I've also been tempted on the latest XML's since the tints seem less angry and is a wall of light, but I only have RCR123's for my 6p, which seems to rule those out.

Any ideas?



I built my own using a neutral XP-G R4 from KaiDomain, the NANJG AK-47 driver, and an empty drop-in. But it is a linear regulator, so only good with one li-ion cell. Still, only like $12 in parts.

They should be coming out with neutral and maybe warm XM-L's soon. Seems like there ought to be a group buy from Cutter over at CPF once they are available.

The warmest ready-made setup I've found is the P3 drop-in at DX. We don't know what the exact tint is as the specified one is completely wrong (WH), but you could easily confuse the beam for an incandescent if not for the lack of filament artifacts.

I agree with brted. The KD XP-G R4 is very good. Gives a very neutral white light.

KD also have this:

The light is very warm. Much more than the R4. I have both.

There already was a group prebuy for neutral and warm XML's on CPF. I'm gonna have to get a 20mm neutral round, and get someone to mod my TD15X with it.

Grrrr . . . never even saw it. It was only open for 2 days. Maybe once Cutter actually gets them in stock, I'll do a group buy. Some of these guys do group buys for profit, which is fine, but that should be called "a store."

It was a group preorder, they just combined their orders.