Trying to Identify & Replace a LED "Chip Light" in Landscape Spotlight (12V AC system)

Does anyone recognize this type of “chip light”? I cannot find any manufacturer information or other identifying markers. The “chip light” has malfunctioned (water maybe) and I am seeking to replace it without calling in the electrician. All / any assistance appreciated.

Chip Light

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Hard to see what the LEDs are without a “zoomed in” view. I think you’re correct about water damage.

Do you know the make/model of the light?

Seems like the wires for power come through from the back and are soldered on top?

Disconnected from power- is it even possible to undo those screws? They look badly corroded.

If you can’t get the screws undone, then it’s almost impossible to repair.

Most of the time people just discard the one light that is not working. I can find LED wafers with 5 LEDs on them but they work on 12V DC. All of the ones that are 12V AC have more than 5 LEDs and would be much brighter than your other working lights. If you are into a little DIY, you could use one of the new G4 chip on board bulbs in place of the current wafer and wire it directly to the 12V wire coming into the light. They are dirt cheap if bought from sellers in China. I bought a bunch to use as retrofit lighting inside Halloween and Christmas decorations, mostly in those inflatables with the dim incandescent bulbs. They work on 12V AC or DC so could be used to replace the tiny 12V bulbs inside the inflatable.
China seller 3W, cool white, $1.14 with free shipping 3W 6W Light G4 LED COB 12V AC/DC Dimmable High Quality Lamp Bulb White/Warm | eBay
Same bulb sold by US seller, minimum 5 pcs $9 for 5 G4 LED 12V AC/DC COB Light 3W 6W High Quality LED G4 COB Lamp Bulb 5/10PCS | eBay

I saw this listing on eBay two days ago for a disc with three LEDs on them that would be close to a direct replacement for what you have in the defective light already. Managed to find it again today. The chips are SMD 5630s which are bigger and brighter than the smaller LEDs in your existing disc so probably would be brighter than the 4 LEDs on the light. It runs on 12V AC or DC so could be glued on top of the existing disc with epoxy and wired to the wires coming into the light. They are only sold in packages of 6 but the price is $8 for six with free shipping. You would have backups in case any other of your lights go out. The diameter is 2.1 inches and depth about 1/4 inch