【TS10V2 Al available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10v2 aluminum version available with black,green,orange

My vote is definitely option #3, I can’t wait to see the final production model.

Thanks for all the attention to this product TS10 (renamed from WK10), we finally chose option 3—

a portable design which has aux LEDs and work with 14500 battery, anduril 2.0, Electronic tail switch

The first batch will available release this month, we are stepping up the urging,

single color aux led has orange, red, ice blue for choice, and more colors will be added in the future as well as the body color.

That sounds great!

For once, I am not going to complain about it only being in black to start with. For something I might carry daily, I prefer neutral colors anyway. I have never had a light with aux leds yes, that sounds interesting. Hopefully, no unsightly charging port. Looking at this and the original post, I do with the clip was a little deeper…

Please make the TS10 in Titanium! Pretty please!!! :heart_eyes:

On my short list pending price.

I’ll second this request.

Titanium will cost much more , what about copper, cost more but not as more as titanium

Not a fan of pure copper. It’s too heavy and scratches easily. I don’t like pure copper even for small lights.

I prefer titanium due to the lighter weight, durability, and shininess. It’s worth the extra cost.

@Wurkkos, aluminium body, copper head :slight_smile:

Best compromise overall :slight_smile:

You could even make the head silver plated copper for that extra bling :smiley:

Copper, yes!

I’m willing to pay the extra amount for an all Titanium version.

Edit: or bronze. Bronze would be awesome and unique. I can only think of one other bronze light and it’s been discontinued for a long time.

As much as I’d also like a Ti version, I guess I would like to see a fully functional aluminium version first and then ask for the “special materials”, so that we know that this new concept is working well.

I would buy, just make sure if you do make it, to do full copper (button from copper).
The FWAA copper have normal aluminium button, that just don't look that nice for me.

Ps. For the TS10 aluminum version, I will probably wait for the new body colors option.

Yeah, especially the double tube/tail e-switch implementation.

This is very important, of course.

I’d like titanium. But make sure it works first.

All titanium makes no sense for a light that has to dissipate some amount of heat honestly.

You know it’s not about practicality. ;D

Wurkkos! My vote would be, Make a bare aluminum version first. Non anodized. That would make a lot of enthusiasts happy.