【TS10V2 Al available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10v2 aluminum version available with black,green,orange

Same here, for lights and knives.

I’m probably waaaay jumping the gun here, but is there a rough time frame for when this project will have its own thread?

Having a 21700 FW style light sounds awesome! Add in an efficient driver and I’d love one. Starting to get tired of FET everything.

Definitely. FETs are so 2021. Gimme regulated b/b converters any day.

I vote option #2

AA support is a huge selling point to me and would set it apart from the FWAA. If it doesn’t have AA support then I’d prefer a USB charging port.

For Aux colours I vote Cyan or Red.

What emitters will this flashlight have?

Cyan / ice blue, is definitely the winning color

Wurkkos, You get new lights going quick! What’s the ETA?

There should be a small amount of the first batch in mid-May

My thought’s exactly. I’m dying for the FWxx Lume1 drivers to make a return. I want to make my FW series lights more useful. Also eyeing up the SP33S and SP35 from Sofirn solely because of their superior drivers and runtimes. I’ve got enough FET toys for now

I really like that orange! (or red, I prefer warm colors :innocent: )

On a side note: I really appreciate all the development information you guys share here! Keep it up!

Does the aux light have extreme low power drain (in low brightness mode) ?

For me the purpose of aux light is to find the flashlight in a dark room - eg in a power-cut. However if it drains a battery in a few days/weeks then it is pointless.

Low drain for aux light - and also parasitic drain in general - is particularly important with a small cell like 14500

This is a point, I will feedback to the engineer to pay attention to the test

Low AUX mode with anduril uses the internal pull up resistors, which is 35K for the Attiny1616, that means that the maximum current on low (ignoring the series resistor) with a blue or green led is ~50uA, about 30uA in average. ~70uA max for red, 50uA in average. This is pretty low, more than 2 years with a 1000mAh cell and a red AUX LED on low.

I am aware that a well-designed Anduril flashlight should have very low current draw for the aux lights on low.

However we have seen flashlights that do not achieve this due to incorrect component choice etc

I am simply stressing the importance that the production flashlight actually achieves this in real world.

I agree that low-drain for aux is important, but let's not forget that with Anduril, we can turn down the brightness (not ideal for us aux fan :-) ) Maybe by default, aux should be set in the beacon mode and not set to constant on?

Hoping 21700 is next after this release. I’m looking for something similar in form to if25a but with better output

I read a ton of answers looking for someone that say this. 100% agree. 3 leds in a 21mm lens will be TOO floody. I have an old Olight s2a baton (with a slighty wider diameter of head) and lower output (around 500lm), and the big hotspot is really useful. It would be interesting a 14500 with 800/1000lm with either 1 led with big hotspot or 1 led with small hostpot and more throw. It might be also possible to offer both options.

In both cases will be more useful than almost pure flood that will give the triple lens in such a small diameter.

If flood would be the intent, then maybe small aspheric lenses right on top of the LEDs would be better. A perfectly even blanket of light.

The problem with any “focus-device” (TIR lens, reflector, etc.) is that when its overall diameter is small vs the size of the chip behind it, you’re not just getting floodier or a bigger hotspot, but less-controlled light coming out. And that can mean nasty artifacts like rings, corona, etc.

So even a bigger chip behind a wider-angle TIR lens (no more than 60° or so, because I’ve had 90s and 120s go all ringy around the periphery) would be a bigger hotspot, but still “controlled” light.

But then again, maybe they found a combination of optix and emitters that works really well together, so I’m reserving judgment. :laughing:

I love purple…none of that girly lavendar stuff either but useable man purple!

I agree with LumenMax: the light will be running Anduril, so auxils will be adjustable. Some of us will be buying this light solely for the auxils, so there needs to be a bright setting too. I like how the Maeerxu have three modes for their auxil/secondarie (.more like secondaries, very bright on high). I leave them on all the time in the lowest setting. It will drain the battery after a week or so, but…this is another good reason to pack three lights a day! :slight_smile:

Don’t listen to anybody that wants to make it fatter to take 18500 or 18650! There’s plenty of other lights in that ‘fat’ category…what we dont have much of are small, skinny lights with features we want. You’ve built a wonderfully small and potentially powerful light, please keep it that way.

I vote for both #1 and #3, but if you are only going to make one, then make #3.

I’ve completely quit carrying AA lights because of the low performance. I own them, just dont use them. If I need a small light for dress, I grab an even smaller AAA light.

Whether you make it a triple or single, whatever you do dont make it longer. Focus on short and
as skinny as possible.

my guess is the Wurkkos FWAA will use the same
floody triple lens
S clip but not fully captive
14500 only battery
same size host.

The differences being the added
single color Aux light
no fancy metals.

Correct me if Im mistaken.