turboBB's 2012 Labor Day weekend camping shots (18 lights + 1 vid comparo)

I decided to use the same format as the Memorial day thread (I'd strongly recommend reading this thread if you haven't already as it provides full details of the location). I was hoping that this would allow some cross-references between the lights in both threads since I didn't bring the same ones. The problem is that there wasn't any misting this time around (which was quite heavy back on M. day) and despite some light atmospheric dust and some flying insects, these shots are slightly overexposed using the same settings (f/2.8, 1", AWB, ISO 400 on Panny FZ150). It should still allow good relative comparo's for the lights I did bring this time around which were:

I unfortunately didn't get as much done since we didn't get the exact same spots as last year thus I couldn't do the close range shots and it started to rain towards the end of the beach shots but I did manage to squeeze in a video comparo though (down at bottom of thread). Where two cells use was possible (e.g. TN11S, NWK 550N3) I used that config instead as per chart above.

First the control shot at night (again, please read the M. day thread for details on location and daytime control shots):

And here are the lights in alpha order by mfg (most are newer ones sent for review after M. day and just for kicks, I decided to see how some AA lights would do and threw in an Fenix LD10 and Icon Link for reference).

APEX 5T6 (review)

Crelant 7G9 (review)

Crelant V9-T6 (review)

Fenix LD10 Premium Q5

FoxFury Breakthrough BT2 (review)

FoxFury Breakthrough BT3 (review)



NITECORE TM11 (v1.12)

Niwalker NWK 550N3 (review)

SPARK SP6 (review)

STANLEY "2000 lumens" FatMax Spotlight

Sunwayman T60CS (review)

ThruNite TN11S (review)

ThruNite TN30 (review)

ThruNite TN31 (review)

XTAR S1 Production (review)

XTAR TZ20 (review)

Below is a video comparo of most of the above lights and a list in order of appearance. As mentioned in the video, please ignore all my comments re: over-compensation in the video, apparently that only happened on the LCD and was not actaully recorded in the video so there was no artificial increase in output caused by any video exposure compensation:

All in day's work... ;o)


Thanks for all the work you put into this. Make mine a Spark!

Yep, she kick’s butt. About the best mix of flood and throw from those comparisions.
Probably one of the best built and featured as well.

thanks, and great beamshots once again. i always look forward to seeing your reviews and beam shots.

i was most interested in seeing the matchup between the tn11s and the nwk 550n3.
cant believe the nwk almost threw as far as the tn11s since it has such lower stats.
but the nwk does have a wider usuable spill/flood.
are they even for sale anywhere yet?

looking forward to that review as well…

yes, that spark is a beaut. but i like the beam from the tn30 a bit more only because of the wider flood.
man, i wish you have the tk 70 so bad. would be great to see beamshots with your photos.

Great job Tim.

1” shutter should = 1 sec shutter.

That Spark is simply awesome.

Always 1 possibly 2 lights that either hold its own against bigger and better or fade
to the rear…

Great pics…I tend to like the clear pics in the sitting you chose. Sand,water, and shrubs
make good reference points

The Crelant 7G9 did better than I thought it would.

And the 7G9 and TN31 cranking out over 1k lumens from an XML U2, just makes me smile :slight_smile:

Seriously considering getting the 7G9, but I fear the mushy tailcap will annoy me too much, so I’m waiting for a new one shorty fat thrower.

Thanks Tim for the great pictures and all your time. :beer:

Great job, always enjoy your work! Nice lumen and lux info.

Thx guys! I'm still editing vid and should have it up tomorrow.

@blueb8llz - my video preview is now up. I've been told by Niwalker that these are now in stock with goingear

@tecmo - I actually mixed up the T60CS info w/the T40CS but corrected chart is up now


The other Foy reminds Foy that his beam shots suck compared to these.

You can see flood, throw and distance . . . probably some of the best beam shots I've ever seen


I got the 7G9 today and looked into the tailcap. The button is hard to push, but it's a matter of a space gap between the button and the switch - if you remove the tail cap, the switch works well. I'm thinking of super glueing something on to the bottom of the rubber boot to close the gap - I think that will make it much easier to engage the switch. I have some rare earth magnets that are the perfect size, thin disks, and then can add magnets until it feels right. I'll try that this weekend.

It's an outstanding quality light - running it on 3 EagleTac 3100's. Mode switching works exactly like the Romisen RC-29, a bit clunky.

Really impressed with the TN11s and the Fat Max.

Thanks Tim!

I don't care what members say about you -- you're alright in my book!

Very nice :crown: Thanks for the eye candy.


Thx guys! Video now up in OP (ignore all comments re: exposure compensation, it only happened on the camera LCD and not in actual video).

@foy x 2 - your beamshots have been absolutely consistent allowing great and easy comparos of all the lights you've reviewed so don't diminish the great service you've done! :o)

@fishinfool - I didn't realize I was worth talking about...